Robert Deignan on the Evolution of Technology

Robert Deignan is the founder and CEO of ATS Digital Services. He previously worked as the Executive Vice President at IS3.

Artificial intelligence is one of the exciting fields that have continued to evolve over time. Robert Deignan believes that this is an interesting field since the way that people code is still the same. However, there is remarkable change in infrastructure to handle coding in a better way. Te computers we have now are faster and can store more information, making the Artificial Intelligence field more exciting to venture into.

According to Deignan, voice recognition is the future of Artificial intelligence. This new technology will enable users to perform daily tasks without much effort. This explains why big technology companies such as Google , Amazon and Apple have all invested in this technology by coming up with voice assistants. This technology however as a long way to go since there are many tasks that are yet to be automated.

The introduction of the 5G network is another indicator of growth set to be obtained in Artificial intelligence. It is predicted that the 5G networks will see the rise of exciting applications. 5g enabled devices will allow users to download movies as simple as opening a webpage. Speed will not be the only advantage of the 5G network as it is expected to come with development of more exciting applications.

Driverless cars are also a new technology that aims to transform the role of technology in the transportation world. The introduction of this technology will save the average citizen cash that is spent on buying vehicles as they can easily rent a ride. This technology will however take some time before it can be realized as there is so much to be streamlined before the technology is launched.

Robert’s company, ATS Digital Solutions has been busy trying to provide a transformed customer experience through technical support. He believes that there are some aspects of online shopping that can be improved through making a virtual experience of the shopping process to make it more realistic. According to Deignan, there is an endless possibility when it comes to evolution in technology and Artificial intelligence.

How Deirdre Baggot Quickly Became a Senior Vice President

Deirdre Baggot is a Mh.D., and a BSN respected professional in the healthcare industry, with a lot of influence in Denver, Colorado, where she lives.

She began studying for the healthcare industry at an early age, having graduated from the Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville and later from the Business school of the Loyola University, in Chicago, Illinois. She quickly became a healthcare expert, having read and learned about the business, the industry, payment procedures and about companies in the area.

Deirdre Baggot first introduced herself to the industry at the start of her career at the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where she nursed, coordinated the staff, and worked in the administration of the establishment. There, she gathered experience and improved her craft, entering the hospital in 1997 and leaving in 2003. After she moved from the hospital, she joined the Health System of the University of Michigan, where she worked for three years and was recognized for her talent and was dearly loved by the staff. Read more about Deirdre Baggot on Crunchbase

It wouldn’t take long for Deirdre to move to higher positions in her career, entering the Vascular Institute right after leaving the University of Michigan, where she would stay for another four years, leaving in 2010. There, she worked as the senior administrator of a very large staff consisting of 450 people. She had to oversee all the acquisitions, talent recruiting and marketing campaigns, as well as the establishment of new clinics and business supervision.

Leaving the institute, she had acquired a lot more experience in many other areas of business administration. She had learned more about the recruitment of new employees, more about successful marketing and learned the ins and outs of large-scale businesses. With her impressive portfolio, she was quickly invited to work at Los Angeles’ GE Healthcare Partners, where she assumed the prestigious position of senior vice president.

Deirdre Baggot received awards and recognitions for her incredible work ethic and the achievements she had in her business administration career.

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Angry Protestors And Whitney Wolfe Clash Over Bumble’s Gun Ban

Most people wouldn’t think of a dating site as a place to find guns and to romanticize weapons. However, Bumble’s dating site was a place where gun lovers and weapons users could be found. These individuals took plenty of pictures which revealed their love for guns and weapons of all type. When Bumble started in 2014, no one at the company made a big deal about weapons and guns being displayed in profile pics.

However, when the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting took place back in February of 2018, all of that changed. This particular school shooting event polarize the country in terms of modern gun laws. People from all walks of life were choosing sides on this issue. Whitney Wolfe could not help but to get involved within this debate because she already knew a lot of her profile users had guns being displayed in their photos.

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Whitney Wolfe made the decision to get rid of photos with weapons because they represented something that her company was against. Keep in mind that Bumble is a dating site that puts women first. Whitney did not want her site to be affiliated with any type of gun violence or have any connection with gun wielding individuals with mental health issues. Apparently, the shooter at the Parkland, Florida school was posting pics and messages on a popular social media site before he carried out his plans in real life.

In March of 2018, Whitney decide to enact this band. When she first made the announcement in her company, she even had to deal with some angry employees (who were women) over her decision. Many profile users were upset as well. Some of them even threatened to attack Whitney and her staff. They had to get police protection and few bodyguards for key workers at the company.

Whitney Wolfe knew that her decision was going to make a lot of people angry. The CEO of Bumble also knew that she could no longer allow any person to support the use of guns after that horrific incident. Whitney Wolfe made what she feels to have been the right decision for her company. To date, there are no more photos with guns being displayed on the site.

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s Loyalty To Banco Bradesco

Banco Bradesco SA is ranked among the largest banks in Brazil. The bank was founded in 1934 by Amador Aguiar in Marilia, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Only four Chief Executive Officers and two presidents have served the bank since its creation. Bradesco’s current president Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi assumed the office after the former president stepped down early October 2017. Mr. Lazaro Brandao had served the bank as the president since 1990 after succeeding the first president Amador Aguiar.

The void left by Mr. Lazaro Brandao has been filled by Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi, who was a Chief Executive Officer at the bank. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has worked for the Banco Bradesco as the CEO throughout the last decade after joining the bank’s high-level executive team back in 2009. Before joining the executive team, Mr. Trabuco had already served the organization for long since he was hired in the year 1969. Being a member of Bradesco team since the age of 22, Mr. Trabuco expresses the Bradesco spirit. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was nominated as the CEO following the company’s tradition of picking an executive from its staff.

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While serving as the head of the bank’s insurance department or simply Bradesco Seguros, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was responsible for the growth of the bank’s market share from 23 percent to 25 percent of Brazil’s insurance sector. Despite the department bringing in over 25 percent of the Bradesco’s profits, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi made sure that the insurance department’s profits rose to about 35 percent of the entire bank’s net income according to

After joining Banco Bradesco as a teller in 1969, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was moved to a distance that needed around five hours of driving, proving his dedication and determination to the Success of Banco Bradesco. In 1984, Mr. Trabuco was promoted to the position of Director of Marketing where he was vital in coming up with ways through which the bank reached out to the new clients. During the time he served as Director of Marketing, the bank embarked on segmenting and targeting of consumer and clients base. This approach helped Banco Bradesco in maximizing profits and best serve their customers’ needs. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi helped in popularizing the practice of segmenting and targeting clients in Brazil. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was also responsible for many other developments in the bank including internet banking. Luiz led the bank through several acquisition deals with the latest being the acquisition of HSBC bank.


Banco Bradesco Has A New President; Says Luiz Carlos Trabuco

There has been a significant underway on Bradesco’s management of late. The board of directors just announced the new president who is replacing Brandao and Luiz Carlos Trabuco. As the incumbent vice president, Octavio de Lazari is just shifting roles between what he is used to. He is coming in to accomplish all the tasks that Luiz Carlos Trabuco was trusted to achieve in his tenure. This change took place on March 12th, 2018 where the board of directors oversaw the leadership transition. In the annual general meeting, matters were lengthily discussed and put to rest.

More on the New President

Octavio de Lazari Junior once dreamed of becoming a footballer. However, that dream did not come to pass. His father was Bradesco’s frequent client at that moment. Seeing that his son sought employment, he took advantage of the banking institution’s stellar rapport to find him a job opportunity in the banking institution. That is how Lazari de Junior landed employment at Bradesco.

The Transition

While welcoming the new president on board, Luiz Carlos Trabuco describes the 54-year-old as a hardworking individual who dedicates time, effort and his entire being to serving clients. Also, an experienced individual who has worked with Bradesco for more than 40 years, it is projected that Octavio de Lazari Junior has a wealth of knowledge that encompasses a revolutionary leadership regime. As he takes over the leadership reigns from Luiz Carlos Trabuco, many have been a little apprehensive regarding the future of the bank. However, they have been requested to trust in his leadership since he has been part of the institution for some time.

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More on Lazari de Junior

Banking is a sensitive career that calls for exemplary leadership and attention to critical details. With that said, Octavio de Lazari Junior has been trusted to lead Brandao because of his history with the bank. At the tender age of fifteen, he was already working as an office boy in Sao Paulo’s Lapa District. Over the years of serving in that capacity, he became a credit manager and oversaw finance and business administration according to In 2010, he earned a promotion to serves as the department director then later in a few years, made his way up the ladder of the board of directors. In 2012, Octavio de Lazari Junior earned promotion as an executive director and in 2017; he was made the vice president as well as the chief executive officer of Bradesco’s Seguros Group.

The Overview of Leadership

Similarly, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is an exemplary leader who joined Banco Bradesco at a tender age. First off, he was a clerk. As a junior employee, he put in a lot of work to make sure that he was recognized and later awarded. Luiz Carlos Trabuco worked for a few years before earning the first promotion as a managing director and then the chairman of the board where he oversaw all operations in the banking institution. Alongside working with his team to facilitate customer’s transactions in Bradesco, he created a stellar reputation for the bank. In fact, Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the man behind Bradesco’s introduction to the media house.

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The Innovations of Louis R. Chenevert

Louis R. Chenevert is a businessman born in Montreal, Quebec, Canada and now resides in Hartford, Connecticut. Chenevert attained his education from the University of Montreal, HEC Montreal and Concordia University. Prior to retirement, he was the Chief Executive Officer of United Technologies Corporation(UTC.)

Louis is one of the most legendary names to ever work at United Technologies Corporation. His focus of innovation and long-term goals during his stint as CEO of UTC is what transformed the company into the success it is today. Louis is responsible for changing an entire industry with the investments he chose to make during his time at UTC. During his prior position at Pratt & Whitney, Louis came up with the idea of a specific type of engine. When he became a part of United Technologies Corporation in 2006, he brought the idea with him. Due to the increase in efficiency the engine provided, 14 airlines now use this specific engine.

After the success of Louis’ engine, the company grew exponentially. The company is expected to create 25,000 new employees with-in the next 3 years. The current leadership at UTC say that it strives to be as revolutionary as Louis R. Chenevert. Gregory Hayes, the current Chief Executive Officer at UTC likes to remind his employees that the CEO should work in favor of the company and should leave the company better off than they found it. This is the attitude the Chenevert had when he was CEO of UTC, and it is the mindset that any CEO of any company should have.

Chenevert is the recipient of the 2009 Honor Award from the National Building Museum, in 2011 he was named Person of the Year by Aviation Week & Space Technology.

As well as his career in airline innovations, he is chairman of the Yale Cancer Center Advisory Board. He is also the founder of United States Friends of HEC Montreal Foundation and is chairman of the HEC Montreal International Advisory Board.

Bradesco’s Board Wants Octavio Lazari Jr. To Take Over As CEO, According To Luiz Carlos Trabuco

Bradesco is one of the top banks in the world. Even though Brazil has economic recovery on its mind, Brazilian banks are putting more profit on their bottom lines. The banks aren’t using home or car loans interest to make millions. A lot of Bradesco’s profits come from investments and their insurance division, Banco Seguros. The man responsible for the profitability of Seguros is fifty-four-year-old Octavio Lazari Jr. He is the current president of Bradesco’s insurance and the next CEO of the bank if the shareholders vote him for him at the March 12th shareholders meeting. The current CEO Luiz Carlos Trabuco is stepping down because, at 67-years-old, he is past the CEO age cap of 65.

Trabuco is not leaving the bank. He is the new Chairman of the Board of Bradesco. He replaces Lázaro de Mello Brandão, the man who took founder’s Amador Aguiar place as Chairman. Mr. Trabuco is only the third chairman in the bank’s 75-year-old history. Amador Aguiar and Lázaro de Mello Brandão were both instrumental in bringing Trabuco up through the banking ranks. Aguiar and Brandão gave Trabuco a job as a trainee in 1969 even though he didn’t have a banking background or a degree in economics or finance. Trabuco was a people’s person with degrees in philosophy and psychology, so he did have some banking personality traits. He just wasn’t a typical accounting or finance banking trainee. But Trabuco was a fast learner. He was a director of the bank during the tumultuous 1970s and a vice-president in the 1980s. He took over as president of the bank at the end of 2009 after six successful years as the president of Seguros.

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According to bank memo written by Núcleo Cidade de Deus on February 5, 2018, four other CEO candidates, Alexandre da Silva Glüher, Josué Augusto Pancini, Domingos Figueiredo de Abreu, and Maurício Machado de Minas are in line to become members of the board of directors if the shareholders approve their nominations and elect them as board members. Most of Trabuco’s executive team will reap the rewards of new positions or extra responsibility when Lazari takes over in March. Brandão will still have a desk, and he will play a part in the bank’s new executive structure. But he is officially off the executive team and the board. But at 91, he is still the oldest bank executive in the history of Brazilian banking.

Bradesco’s board thinks Lazari background and his age will help the bank maintain its position in the international banking world. In another February 5, 2018 memo, Núcleo Cidade de Deus gives stockholders a chance to review Lazari’s impressive education credits as well as his successful banking positions. Lazari has more than 40 years of service with Bradesco and his track record for producing profit for the bank is well-known. Lazari is a graduate of the College of Economics and Administration in Osasco. He also studied Financial Strategies and Marketing at Fundação Instituto de Administração.

Bradesco has momentum behind them after a successful 2017. Trabuco Bradesco and the executive team gave the bank the direction to focus on the IT part of banking, and that is changing the direction of banking in Brazil. IT Vice-President Maurício Machado de Minas put the bank in a position to take advantage of the Brazilian mobile phone craze. Brazilian across the country are using their mobile devices to bank, and Trabuco and Maurício Machado de Minas are responsible for putting new data-based banking programs in place. Those programs will continue under the new Lazari’s administration.

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Eric Lefkofsky: Taking the Fight to Cancer Through Technology

Eric Lefkofsky is a successful entrepreneur and founder of Groupon. He is also an important figure in the technology industry. This led to him co-finding Tempus, a company that is focused on creating a structure to improve cancer treatment. Tempus was founded in 2015 and has quickly grown to one of the most successful tech startups in Chicago. The company has over 200 employees and has helped Chicago exceed its funding expectations for 2015 and 2016 by securing over $70 million to fight cancer. The company helps fight cancer by using a software platform to analyze critical data that pertains to the disease. The platform works with major hospitals such as: the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and Duke University School of Medicine. The company looks to solve the problem of physicians being overwhelmed with too much data to try and analyze by traditional means and possibly missing critical patterns.

The company helps patients by providing gene sequencing test and doctors by providing them with software that enables fast analysis of patient data from a vast database. Tempus was founded to help people not for profit. Lefkofsky is also passionate about philanthropy. He and his wife co-founded the Lefkofsky Foundation in 2006. The foundation focuses on improving communities through education, medicine, human rights and arts and culture. The couple is also involved in The Giving Pledge. Members of this group agree to contribute half their wealth to philanthropy.

Lefkosky received his law degree from the University of Michigan. He started his career by selling carpet while in college. After college, he and a friend purchased a apparel company in Madison, Wisconsin called Brandon Apparel. He is a finding partner of many successful companies such as: Lightbank, Uptake Technologies, Mediaocean, InnerWorkings and Echo Global Logistics. He also teaches at business schools in the Chicago area.

Contreversal Cosmetic Designer, Doe Deere, Gives Away The Keys To Sucess

Doe Deere, cosmetic professional, marketing analyst, and technology expert is stirring up major talk about her new line of cosmetics branded under the Lime Crime name. Deere, didn’t hesitate to be the first of her kind to base her products with velvetine matte. Customers rave over her cosmetics because they go on super moist, and dry to perfection. Thousands of women worldwide rely on LC products for their daily makeup routine, and Deere, admits to LC Galore online magazine her cosmetics are a part of her daily beauty regimen. She challenges her wearers to be unapologetic about their color choices.

Clearly, LC cosmetics offers bold colors tat weren’t always popular among Deere’s peers. Her unconventional way of thinking about colors caused a lot of people to discourage her branding items. See also noticed the value of entering design school in New York, and received her certification in under three years. From the early age of thirteen, Deere, realized she had a nice for marketing by popularizing novelty tattoos to her friends in Russia. Deere, realized the importance of people supporting her ideas, and attending her events. Her motivation, and hard was a flame behind the birth of Lime Crime cosmetics. Learn more:

Deere, has created a Scandal being talked about among her 2.4 million Instagram followers, and big name cosmetic designers. It all started from her expansion of her signature LC products. Cosmetics designers are baffled with how many want to be a part of the Scandal. That’s right; Scandal is a Lime Crime branded lipstick with an amazing violet-purple hue. Wearers get the same hypoallergenic, LEAP Bunny approved product they’re use too. In fact, her new line isn’t having a problem standing apart from her signature brand, LC cosmetics. Stand tuned for new colors coming from Scandal very soon.

LC cosmetics is a rich line of eye-shadow, and lipstick products. Enjoy superior super-foil formula with cool colors like Radical Metallic, and Purple Sorbet. Choose from intricate colors that are unmatched by LC competitors. Discover a new look, or spruce up your ordinary style with LC products. Deere, says her cosmetics are meant to empower girls, and guys to be who they are without regret. LC gives their wearers a unique identity all of their own. You’re invited to visit the exclusive Lime Crime online website for more details on purchase, and promotional offers today.

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