Accreditation of Securus Technologies from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies, a primary provider of civil & criminal equity development solutions for investigation purposes, public well-being and monitoring activities regarding the accreditation from the BBB – Better Business Bureau where it scoped an A+ rating. With a ultimate objective to improve and redesign customer services to about 25 million relatives and companions, Securus set up a 220 seat in-house call center locally – the largest in the field. This movement gave Securus additional control over how customer organization was managed, and allowed it to execute the BBB permitted rules for accreditation. Securus agents are prepared on account of the benchmarks and react to a standardization exceeding 2.5 million callings each month. Calls are answered at the typical rate of 11 seconds with the primary call resolution rate of 99%. The company’s call center has a purchaser devotion score of 4.3 out of 5. These results portray the commitment the organization has accomplished to its customers and the BBB models.

Having accreditation suggests that the BBB openly checked, asserted and agrees that Securus is the greatest office provider and the sole full-spectrum solutions provider within the field with the greatest business group in over 1,300 Associates all over the country more so meeting the benchmarks recorded previously. Richard A. Smith is the company’s Chief Executive Officer who acknowledged getting the accreditation and said it was a good symbol that the company’s performance enhanced each and every day. That would likewise put them at a superior position to carry out the business against their rivals some of which who questioned the Securus execution status. Accreditation portrays that – what you say you genuinely do and you can demonstrate it. Richard commented of being happy regarding the strategy that the BBB uses and guaranteed that Securus is committed to the BBB logic. Securus Technologies is situated in Dallas, Texas where it is committed to serving its clients while guaranteeing all customers better services.


Securus Technologies Advances Prison Communication

Many people communicate today in ways that were not feasible a few years ago. The availability of emails instead of writing is a great technology leap. Moreover, people can easily communicate with smartphones instead of the traditional landlines. The availability of a video call feature has created a great flexibility with calls.


One company that has revolutionized communication is Securus technologies. The company is technology firm that provides technology-aimed communication systems. Securus has made use of the video call feature to create a video visitation program. Family and friends take advantage of the technology to communicate with inmates.


I think that the video visitation program by Securus Technologies will bring excitement and joy to many inmates. The opportunity is set to see friends and family communicate during the holiday season. The video visitation program is configured to create a unique, memorable moment that inmates are likely to cherish for long.


Securus Technologies is a highly technology advanced company. The company produces technology related services and products for organizations. Apart from correction facilities, Securus Technologies avails its services for agencies in the public sector.


The prison video visitation service is critical in the Christmas festive season. This is a time where family comes together to share a happy moment. A family with a member in correction facility will feel not feel complete. However, the Securus video call makes communication possible through video chats. Children can talk to their parents in correction facilities. Wives, on the other hand, can join husbands in prison facilities. People can have a happy moment and make memories. Lastly, fathers have had the chance to watch their children open gifts. They have gone ahead to wish each other a Merry Christmas through the video.


Securus Technologies has highlighted a few videos by the video visitation program. A simple YouTube search of Securus family communication during Christmas would reveal the Securus video technology at work. The video showcased an incarcerated father talking to his son during the holiday season. He checks on his son and then watches him open his Christmas gift. With the help of the video facility, the father is present for his son. He watches his son open gifts, and the two share a special moment. All these are made possible with Securus video Visitation Technology. The family bond has been preserved during the Christmas holidays. Securus has created a gift of communication to give a beautiful and wonderful moment for families.

Transforming Education Using ClassDojo

Sam Chaudhary started ClassDojo, an education-based mobile application, to connect parents to teachers and students while in school. The communication platform also facilitates sharing of learning materials through photos and videos. Moreover, it supports confidential communication within parents and teachers on a student’s conduct while at school.


Sam Chaudhary launched the application to help transform the learning process by creating a positive learning culture in classrooms and schools. Students were given a chance to take control over their learning process by being able to build up their ClassDojo Portfolio to their liking. This encouraged students to develop life skills such as responsibility, hardworking, and teamwork.


ClassDojo has teamed up with Stanford’s Project for Education Research That Scales to introduce a series of animated videos aimed at growing students’ mindset. Positive comments on students’ portfolio were significant in transforming their perception. The comments made students appreciate and build on skills that were recommended by parents and teachers.


Sam Chaudhary and his Co- founder Liam Don were inspired to fill the communication gap that existed in the traditional classroom. In their endeavor, they consulted with teachers and parents on where they felt the education system had a weakness. Parents testified that they wanted an active involvement in their children’s learning process. Based on the responses received from teachers and parents, the two founders designed ClassDojo mobile application.


The head of communications at ClassDojo, Lindsay McKiney confirmed that the application had already been downloaded by millions of users. Two- thirds of public, private and charter schools in US has already adopted the app. The application is also being used worldwide in over 180 other countries.


The apparent reason why the mobile app has received such a ground- up market growth is its ability to create a positive culture with classrooms and schools. ClassDojo has enabled a shared classroom experience between parents, teachers, and students.


 The app established collaboration between parents and educators by addressing the obstacle of distance between home and school. Parents can readily follow up on their children’s conduct and progress from anywhere without having to wait for a parent-teacher meeting to be arranged.


To enhance efficiency, ClassDojo does not need one to provide login credentials, such as elaborate sign-up passwords, to use it. It has a feature of translating messages to several languages by just tapping. Moreover, it was designed based on private policies that enhance the security of its users.

Motivational and Resilience learning Via ClassDojo’s PERTS


ClassDojo recently came out with a short animated series shows that features characters that closely resembles Mojo and Katie directed to help Students, teachers and parents study more on growth mindset. ClassDojo was first released through San Francisco-based ClassDojo revealing series of five animated videos educating about growth mindset. The series shows that knowledge and strengths in students can be transformed over time than being rooted in ones’ capabilities. The clips come with a manual guide that will help teachers to disseminate the learning process to students.
ClassDojo Cooperated with Stanford University’s projected for Education Research That Scales (PERTS). The union got triggered by the number of teachers that ClassDojo covers being over 85,000 teachers across the United States. According to Dave Paunesku, the lead student in the research said that the Student Group that came up with PERTS are out in mission researching about Motivation and Resilience. The ClassDojo was founded by Liam Don,  who points out that PERTS accommodates users in 1 in 2 Classrooms and such happier classrooms moments will enable more learning and generation of new ideas. Liam Don besides being the Founder, he is also the Chief Product Officer of ClassDojo. The team behind PERTS is out to ensure teachers fully understand how to read information from the animated clips before translating it down to students to ensure the aspect of the growth of mindset is well perceived.
Dave, the executive producer of PERTS, says that the biggest achievement is to let the users in this education program clarify in details what is the rationale behind growth mindset. PERTS advocates the student be centered, and the important aspect is to gain adhesion from parents and teachers that work can be simplified down for easier synthesis without working hard. The Manual within PERTS gives educators and parents an online tool that includes resemblance like that of actual classroom timetable with lesson plans on ways on how to introduce students to Growth Mindsets.
ClassDojo was founded in 2011 by Liam Don with higher investment injected to an amount of $31 Million at San Francisco’s based. ClassDojo is stretching markets outside the U.S. reaching over 180 teachers in other countries. It improves critical thinking among student by promoting skill, culture, and happier classroom moments. Parents can make contributions to the learning process and get updates through ClassDojo platform by sharing of photos and pictures of class events and activities.


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