David McDonald Plans For OSI Group David McDonald’s Background

Growing up on the farm in Iowa, made David McDonald (President OSI Group) develop a passion for agriculture, which he followed by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in animal science, at the Iowa State University. This education and passion have propelled David McDonald to rise through the leadership ranks from a project manager to the Chief Operating Officer of the OSI Group. David is a man of many hats, as he serves several boards like the OSI International Foods in Australia and the OSI Group. It’s through this vast work experience and a good education foundation that the moves he has made on the OSI Group are substantial.
Improving OSI’s Sustainability
OSI Group is lucky to have David on board, due to his exceptional leadership that has led to outstanding achievements. One of them is the Wallace E Barron Senior award. Due to this achievement and other success, he has become the force to reckon with in the industry. As a leader of the OSI, he is planning to make it the largest poultry product producer across China, where they have set up eight facilities, after being there for over 20 years. This is a demonstration of David’s calculated move, and pragmatic skills by linking things.
As the president, David is working tirelessly to enhance the sustainability of the OSI Group. He is achieving this by ensuring that the company has the required facilities in all its outlets. Additionally, he is ensuring that OSI’s logistics team attains the required skills that are required in the global market.
Under David’s leadership, the OSI Group has partnered with the clients through product development, by offering them what they need. Moreover, they have invested in technological mechanisms that enhance quality, and safety of their products. This is done by manufacturers that produce equipment that can detect any foreign food particles in their products.
The Baho Food
Under David’s leadership, the OSI Group extended its market in Europe, by acquiring the Baho Food. This is a Dutch company that deals with deli meat.According to David; this acquisition is a great investment for the company. The reason being it broadens OSI’s presence in the European market, and also makes it keep up with the global trends.
OSI Group
OSI Group located in Illinois is an American leading provider of meat products like beef patties, sausages, and bacon. It serves both local and international retail food service industries; with its over 50 facilities across 17 countries. One of these facilities is in China that serves clients like the McDonald’s, Starbucks, and the Subway, which is a strategic move. The reason being, during the 2008 Beijing Olympic, they supplied their products and received no complaints, an indication of OSI’s quality products.