The Reasons for White Shark Media’s Outrageous Success

It’s difficult to find businesses that care about their customers as much as they care about being successful, but White Shark Media is an online marketing and advertising agency that is improving their business to meet their clients’ needs. WSM has become one of the leading Digital Marketing Agencies located in the United States.


Three expert Danish marketing experts, Garth, Nigart and Lolk formed White Shark Media in 2011, which would be focused on supplying marketing solutions for small and medium online businesses. All three founders are experts in brick and mortar advertising as well as online advertising.


WSM knows that most entrepreneurs are committed to their feature products or services, so they might not have the expertise in online marketing to make their business succeed. WSM works with the client to incorporate specific management including PPC, SEO, SEM, and excellent logo design to promote the client’s company. Online businesses require excellent management and advertising so that your name will get out among the thousands of online businesses.


White Shark Media Specializes in Fantastic Customer Service


The strong point that White Shark Media is committed to is their attention to completely satisfying their client. The customer always comes first, and they demonstrate that by uniquely handling complaints, suggestions or other problems.


The WSM team monitors carefully all communication from their clients. Other service companies often dismiss their comments, so the client never receives an answer. Not so with White Shark Media; every communication or complaint is viewed by the management and the leaders of WSM then develop a plan to address the issue, which benefits the client and WSM as a whole. This is unheard of in most companies, but this attention to clients and details has made WSM the fastest growing marketing agency in the industry in only five years.




Talk Fusion WebRTC Recorder Elevation of Communication

Talk Fusion, home of the first all-in-one Video Marketing Solution, launched its revolutionary WebRTC Recorder on May 20, 2016, and now is the time to give it a try. CEO Bob Reina, who founded Talk Fusion in 2007, explains that his company leads the way in using WebRTC technology; noting that his company is one of the first to use browser-based real- time communication in their products. Their creative and innovative use of WebRTC has already netted Talk Fusion the Technology Marketing Corporation’s coveted “WebRTC Product of the Year 2016” award for their Talk Fusion Video Chat.
Talk Fusion’s newest gem, the WebRTC Recorder, expands the way individuals, companies, and civic & charitable organizations reach their clients and associates. Using this technology, it is now easy to communicate with exceptionally high-quality Video Emails and Video Newsletters. These feature instant recording, smooth synchronization, and fast playback, all of which simplify real-time communication while facilitating the opportunity to stand out from the crowd in a given niche, industry or market.
Talk Fusion’s existing customers who use Firefox or Chrome browsers can benefit from the WebRTC Recorder right now. To access this feature choose either Video Emails or Video Newsletters from the Talk Fusion dashboard and click the webcam recording option.
Not an existing customer? Be confident in choosing Talk Fusion’s WebRTC Recorder by taking advantage of the free 30-day trial Talk Fusion offers. The try it before you buy it offer requires no credit card. Experience is the best teacher and experiencing the WebRTC Recorder will quickly teach its value.
To learn more about Talk Fusion and its commitment to Giving Back to individuals, charities and communities worldwide as well as their cutting edge products, go to While there sign up for the free 30-day trial to discover the ways Talk Fusion can advance communication around the globe and close to home.

Talk Fusion Enhances Communication for Many

The communication world has a lot of different ways for people to connect. There are a significant number of platforms that are allowing people to start video chat and conference sessions. Talk Fusion, however, is expanding beyond what the rest of the competition has done in the past. This has become the organization that is thriving in a world of overly saturated competition.

Talk Fusion is now a global leader that has managed to secure a lot of different customers. This is a company that has video email marketing. This is something that is very unique because it allows people that utilize email to market to a different crowd. More people can be reached with the concept of video email because it is so much more engaging than the standard news letter. This can be excellent for people that are marketing new products. It can be thrilling for people that are enhancing their communication with the customers. The customers are going to react much better in an instances where they are seeing something that is out of the ordinary.

Talk Fusion has managed to gain a lot of support from customers that are interested building up a customers base with many customers that want to present something that is new and innovative. People are impressed with this communication because the interface is very easy to use. That is something that makes it a hit for people in Asia, Indonesia and many other areas. The video conference aspect is appealing, but the video email is also something that is being embraced by lots of customers. Everyone that wants to get a new form of video communication will see the benefit of obtaining the software from Talk Fusion.

Business leaders in many different parts of the world of praising the founder of Talk Fusion for making this software easy to use. They are excited about the early stages of Talk Fusion and all the progress that this company is bound to make in the future. There are a lot of people that love what Talk Fusion represents to the video conferencing world.

The Reputation Doctor Arrives At Austin’s Top PR Firm

Mike Paul, the president of Reputation Doctor LLC, is called, appropriately, “The Reputation Doctor”. He now has another name. Mike Paul can be called “advisor”. Paul is coming to Status Labs in the role of a board advisor. Status Labs is one of the top reputation management firms in the world. One of the most well-known public relations, crisis counseling, and reputation management professionals is slated to lend his ample expertise to the Austin, TX-based company.

Per Broadway World, Paul intentions are to supply “strategic insight and counsel” to Status Labs. The firm is going exceptionally in the reptutation management world. The expertise of Mike Paul should definitely help Status Labs navigate its newfound success.

And the company has been wildly successful since being co-founded by president Darius Fisher in 2012. The company’s revenues have increased by 900+%.

Mike Paul has a tremendous amount of experience, and this experience allows him to be a solid source of advice and mentorship. Darius Fisher has gone on record stating he welcomes any advice and insight Mike Paul may provide.

Paul’s experience definitely is extensive. The Reputation Doctor has written prescriptions for some of the largest company’s in the United States. Actually, a few of those companies are multi-national enterprises.

Paul has also lent support to departments in the U.S. Government, and he has even be called to the People’s Republic of China to present solutions on a global scale.

Status Labs is sure to benefit from the help of Mike Paul. The company has opened offices in New York and San Paulo, and its number of clients served has reached 1,500. Yes, this is a firm that is continuing to thrive.