Eric Pulier a Great Author

Eric Pulier is a renowned author, columnist, speaker, philanthropist, Entrepreneur and a great founder of several multimillion companies or rather businesses. He has the spirit of helping in him and believes in setting his own standards. Some of the companies he has founded and co founded include Digital Evolution, Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, US Interactive, Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council and also the TM Forum. He has amassed a lot of wealth from these companies and keeps on venturing into new markets. He is never tired of identifying market gaps. He believes in self-growth and is always driven by passion in his heart.

Eric Pulier is New Jersey born which is located in the United States. Apart from joining the school, Eric had that natural intelligence that many people lack. He studied computer programming and that when people discovered that he had more than just passion.He formed a database computer company immediately after completing high school. He also joined Havard University and started doing other great things other than programming. He became a journalist at the Havard Newspaper. His great and educative work is found at the university site and his writer profile. Pulier wrote several articles. Some relating to how the World acts when they meet a Havard student. He also wrote about terrorism and many other things.

Eric Pulier will remain in history as one of the most philanthropic people to have ever been alive. He is definitely a man who will be remembered because of filling many gaps. He has been on the frontline fighting chronic related diseases. He has worked towards ensuring that the diseases are prevented from spreading in future. He funds an organization called “painted Turtle” that caters for children with chronic diseases. He also serves as a board member of the aforementioned organization. He is also a donor at Starbright World another organization whose aim is to help organizations with special needs. He is always on the frontline towards ensuring that the organizations designated to do this mercy work never runs out of cash. He applies his programming skills to create chatting platforms for children with chronic diseases.

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