Marc Beer’s Start-Up Receives Financial Backing from Prominent Healthcare Investors

In August 2018, Marc Beer’s Renovia Inc. announced that it had generated over $ 42 million in its series B financing. The financing was led by Ascension Ventures, an investment firm that funds and develops innovative start-ups.


Also, the financing was led by Perceptive Advisors, an investment firm that has been supporting multiple start-ups in the world’s life sciences industry. Longwood Funds, a renowned healthcare investor also supported the series B financing. Additionally, other new investors took part in the round, a confirmation of Renovia’s promising future in medical devices development and commercialization.


How will the financial backup help Renovia Inc.?In line with Renovia Inc.’s announcement, the finances would help it complete the development of its diagnostic and therapeutic tools that were under improvement. The funds will also aid in corporate development, new research, and clinical trials for the products in the company’s pipeline.


Besides developing the therapeutic solutions, Marc Beer, the CEO of Renovia Inc. said that the funds could help them develop a digital health platform that could improve the management of pelvic floor disorders. The futuristic platform could generate critical information used to invent new treatment options and serve as a knowledge base for pelvic floor disorders.


These developments could help Marc Beer’s start-up to accomplish its mission of helping thousands of women that are living with various pelvic floor disorders. Moreover, the technological developments would reduce the long-term healthcare expenses used to manage the pelvic diseases.


Already, Renovia Inc. has developed Leva, an FDA approved diagnostic tool that prevents Urinary Incontinence by strengthening weak pelvic floor muscles. Leva is an app based device which guides patients on the proper way to carry out exercises aimed at strengthening weak pelvic floor muscles. The therapeutic tool could potentially substitute the conventional surgical procedures used in the management of pelvic floor disorders.


Speaking after the fundraising event, Marc Beer said that he was thankful for the financial back-up accorded by the prominent healthcare investors. “It shows that they are thrilled by our mission of improving the lives of women suffering from pelvic floor disorders,” added the chief executive officer. Learn more:


Marc Beer is a respected figure in the world’s healthcare sector. Before co-founding his women’s health start-up, he worked as the founding CEO of ViaCell. During his tenure, Marc helped the biotechnology company to develop from a young start-up to a large commercial organization.


Apart from ViaCell, Marc Beer worked as a senior administrator of Genzyme. He was in charge of launching the biopharmaceutical company’s products to the global market. Genzyme focused on developing therapeutic products used in the management of rare diseases. Marc Beer has also served leading pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies like Abbot Laboratories, Good Start Genetics Inc., and Notre Dame Graduate Studies Research and Advisory Council.


Sound financial fitness by Infinity Group Australia

Having been founded in the year 2012 as a private company, the Infinity group Australia has prided itself as a financial coach and advisor that has focused on services, for instance, money management and financial planning.


It has its headquarters in Bella Vista NSW. The Infinity group has managed to capture a broad clientele base from athletes to navy officers among other professionals. They have been able to achieve this by first differentiating themselves from traditional brokers.


When approached by any client to help manage their finances, they ensure that they first establish the facts about the clients. For instance: the clients’ needs and their expenses. They then come up with a plan that offers a strict based budget for the various necessities and expenses.


Their clients can review their budget to determine if they align with their expectations and goals through the provision of the performance reports which are monthly based. Detailed reviews are also provided after every half a year to ensure a full commitment to the reduction of the family mortgages and the client’s success.


Recent studies have shown that over a quarter of households in Australia were extremely overindebted.this was done from the debt to income ratio. Almost half of the mortgage holders were over-indebted as regards to the tenure type.


The study also proved that a higher number of those indebted were in their youthful stage of life. The various borrowers have generally accepted infinity approach .this is because of the less time is taken to offset their loans wherever infinity chips in.


To half their clients achieve financial fitness, they engage in a concept known as the debit card. This helps control the consumer spending. This has been more so achieved by promoting and educating clients to differentiate between their wants and needs while ensuring they remain accountable to their set goals.


Instead of spending money on stuff that later turns out to be trash. The Infinity group believes that the money should be used in offsetting the mortgage expenses. They focus on reducing expenditure through the different ways.


For instance Introduction of the debit card to ensure family outgoings are not hyperextended. Besides the debt reduction, the Infinity group fully prides itself in helping the clients gain financial freedom.


This is achieved by maintaining the clients understand the concept of wealth creation, establish an investment plan based on asset and even help you protect and review your assets to reach maximum potential financially.


Planning for retirement is a key goal of any financial plan. The Infinity group helps their clients define their goals and set up a retirement plan. The program seeks to consider the income, age and the asset portfolio created by the client.


This plan is highly essential due to the rising costs of living and the high inflation rates set to be experienced. Learn more:


Currency expert Jordan Lindsey’s thoughts on Forex vs Cryptocurrency

When it comes to investing and trading there is no hotter commodity than cryptocurrency. As it stands, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero, scores of others have posted incredible gains over the past year, making them ripe for an investment opportunity. With all this in mind, however, there are a few key differences that must be considered and calculated for. Understanding these key differences are one of the most important tools that Jordan Lindsey uses to gain an edge in the market.

For Jordan Lindsey, a major consideration for trading is the difference between bid and ask prices. There is always a difference between the price that you can sell something for and the price that you can buy something for, and this is no different for Forex or cryptocurrency. In the case of cryptocurrency, the difference between bid and ask is around .05% while typical forex spreads are lower, usually around .01% to .02%. These differences may not seem too significant, but for high volume traders this can be significant. This difference can represent a significant cut to your margins if not managed properly.

The next consideration Jordan Lindsey recommends new traders consider is the impact leveraged trading can have on your gains. Leverage trading has been available in the Forex markets for a very long time. It is entirely possible to receive as much as 200x leverage against your investment when working with a Forex broker. The same opportunities are not nearly as abundant for cryptocurrency trading. The first generation of leveraged trading accounts are finally being made available for Bitcoin, but there is next to no support for other cryptocurrency platforms. You will need to invest your own money without any sort of borrowing when working with bitcoin for investing.

Altogether there are many other considerations that must be made, but these are among the two greatest. There is a great deal of volatility and opportunity in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but the caveat there is not nearly as much support from trading platforms and markets. Jordan Lindsey recommends that anyone interested in currency trading do their own research, and check out the free information that currency traders such as himself publish for free.

The Thoughts And Beliefs Of Stellar Founder Jed McCaleb

Jed McCaleb believes technology can be leveraged to improve the condition of all humans and reduce inefficiency. He is the creator of one the biggest file-sharing networks called eDonkey. He additionally created the first Bitcoin exchange called Mt. Gox and founded Ripple in 2011. Once he realized the financial infrastructure of the world was broken, he became the co-founder of Stellar in 2014.

Stellar’s technical development is led by Jed McCaleb. The goal of this financial network is to increase the economic participation for everyone. supports the Stellar network as a nonprofit combining digital financial literacy and technology. Jed is additionally one of the advisors for MIRI and researches artificial intelligence.

It was Jed McCaleb’s interest in Bitcoin that was responsible for the idea for Stellar. He realized Bitcoin was essentially a distributed database. He knew the technology could do more than create new currency. He believed it could potentially transform the world. Bitcoin moves the value between people while Stellar is the link between institutions.

Approximately fifty percent of the population of the world are unbanked because they do not have a bank account. They must pay astronomical fees if they need to send money. Maintenance fees for lower income individuals are not affordable to the banks due to limited connections and systems. According to Jed McCaleb, Stellar’s goal is to tie the siloed and disparate institutions together with an open source financial network.

Stellar has already been implemented as a financial infrastructure by businesses and nonprofits. Stellar has been integrated into a messaging app called Vumi by the Praekelt Foundation. This has enabled South African girls to save money for credits in airtime. In developing countries this is mobile money.

Jed McCaleb is both terrified and excited by artificial intelligence. He believes we have just seen the start of what artificial intelligence is capable of doing. He feels during the next twenty years it will make people’s lives easier and solve numerous problems. These are the reasons he has made donations to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute. This nonprofit organization develops formal tools to make certain the future of artificial intelligence software is safe.

The Ultimate AvaTrade review

If the trade is headquartered in Dublin Ireland and also has Regional sales offices in Tokyo Japan, Paris France, Milan Spain, and Sydney Australia. Since the Inception of Ava trade in 2006 even trade has become one of the largest innovators for online trading. Since 2009 Ava trade has won 9 industry Awards.


According to AvaTrade they pride themselves unsustainable long-lasting relationships with their clients and customers. In addition to AvaTrade priding themselves on their core values just a short few years after their Inception there grew enormously reaching 200,000 customers globally executing 2 million trades a month on average. As I said before they have Regional sales offices in Tokyo Japan, Paris France, Milan Spain, and Sydney Australia.

Although AvaTrade initially was designed for experienced and established traders even people who are new to trading in the Forex Market can also leverage even trade platform. To give you all a good idea of why AvaTrade has had such an enormous success it’s because the Foreign Exchange Market averages a profit of 5.09 trillion dollars a day. Leveraging the Forex Market is incredibly profitable and the AvaTrade has become one of the biggest pioneers within the online trading market.

To give you all a rough idea and how much success they’ve had. AvaTrade averages 60 million dollars a month in profit Revenue combined with their solid Financial backing and they’re multilingual support in several different countries no wonder why they have had such enormous success and have paved the way for many more online trading programs to come. As someone who’s been exposed to the stock market and also works with stock market products currently what’s most impressive to me about AvaTrade is aside from the Foreign Exchange Market they also invest in commodities, stocks, and Indices.

I hope this article was informative and gave you insight into AvaTrade and also answered some questions you had about them.

Stream Energy Continues Dramatic Growth

One of the biggest expenses that most people have to incur on a monthly basis are their utility bills. Due to the increasing cost, the cost of energy, wireless services, security services, and other home services can easily cost the average household hundreds of dollars per month. Unfortunately, there has not traditionally been many options for people to choose from ( Due to the lack of competition, prices for these services have continued to be very high. Fortunately, there is one new company that is continuing to make a dent in the industry and reduce prices.


Stream Energy, which is based out of Dallas, Texas, is continuing to show that they are a growing competitive energy company that can provide excellent service to consumers. he company has been in business for about 15 years and today employs more than 250 people. The company today provides services to people all along the Eastern Seaboard, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, and a few other select markets.


Today, the company provides a range of different energy services, security systems, wireless internet services, and other products that help to compete directly with the major service providers and utility companies. Because of their lack of back office and administrative costs, the company is able to provide better services at a lower price.


While the company has started slow and small, it has a big plan in place that will allow it to continue to grow ( After it has expanded into the state of Delaware earlier this year, be the company is now looking at some other select markets to continue its operations. As the company continues to develop a strong reputation with customers in the existing markets, it is also able to find new clients that are looking for a new energy or wireless service option. This is helping Stream Energy to continue to penetrate into the existing markets.