George Soros Helps the Democrats for Years

George Soros is not content to let billions of dollars to sit in the coffers of the wealthy. He has decided that he will go the path of the philanthropist and begin spreading his own ideals and values around the globe. George Soros truly believes that all governments around the world should be some form of a democracy and he is doing his best to make sure that happens.

He is quite passionate about the liberal message, and this has put him as a constant enemy against the Republican Party. Whenever the Republican Party attempts to pass legislation he does what he can to block it. If they think the new policy is good, he is there to convince the public it is wrong. His constant stopping of the Republican agenda has earned him the label bogeyman of the right.

The favorite tool of George Soros is his nonprofit, the Open Society Foundations. He is known to use this nonprofit to spread the Democratic message both nationally and globally. When it comes to democracies around the globe, Open Society Foundations has given hundreds of billions of dollars so that these hard-pressed governments can thrive. They do ask for one condition though; these governments must stay accountable to the people.

George Soros got heavily involved in politics in the year 2004 when John Kerry was fighting George W. Bush for the presidency. Soros was concerned that a Republican would stay in office for another four years. He saw what two wars had done both to America and to the world at large and vowed this cannot continue. In order to get George W. Bush out of the White House, George Soros broke every conceivable record and donated $27 million to the DNC, which was earmarked to fund the John Kerry campaign. Unfortunately, John Kerry would not succeed in his bid for the White House. While this may be unfortunate, the Democrats were able to sway the majority of people to their side.

George Soros saw his work pay off in 2008 when Barack Obama announced his candidacy for office. Here was a man who is charismatic, intelligent, passionate about liberalism, and truly had the best interest of the American people in mind. Soros knew that Obama had the best chance of convincing the American people to buy into leftist him. With his soaring rhetoric and capabilities of motivation, Obama was able to sway the American public to truly buy into the message of the Democrats. It would seem that this president has changed this country in more ways than one.

George Soros would continue to promote leftism in the year 2016 and back Hillary Clinton for her run as President. This was at a time when she was up against Donald Trump will look like he would secure the Republican nomination. George Soros gave the Democratic national party $25 million to support struggling Senators and purple states and show how qualified Hillary Clinton was for the role of the United States presidency.