Amicus Therapeutics Focuses on Rare Diseases

When someone is hit with a rare disease, they need more help than the person who is affected with a disease that everyone knows about and that has been treated many times before. Amicus Therapeutics is the kind of company that focuses on the rare diseases, and that offers help to those who are dealing with such issues (Facebook). Those who are faced with rare diseases and in need of some help in addressing what they are facing can rely on Amicus Therapeutics and the kind of aid that they are ready to give.


Amicus Therapeutics is based in Cranbury, New Jersey, and they have a goal of helping people around the country with the illnesses that they are facing. This is a biopharmaceutical company ( The CEO of this endeavor is John Crowley. This company is something that has been around for a while now, and it is one that has bright things in front of it.


Amicus Therapeutics received a helpful grant to provide them with the money that they need for the plans that they have. This grant was something that helped them to get by a little longer, and that will push them on to a better future. The grant that Amicus Therapeutics received came through The Michael J. Fox Foundation. This grant was given to Amicus Therapeutics to help them with studies that they are completing in conjunction with David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. They also received another grant from the Alzheimers Drug Discovery Foundation to help with other research projects that they are working on.


Founded in 2002, Amicus Therapeutics is a company that is looking to help with the development and availability of drugs for those who are facing rare diseases and in need of someone to notice them and help them move on.


Sergio Cortes Proves A Popular Medical Leader In Brazil

The country of Brazil according to is well known as being amongst the richest and most important in South America. One of the most forward thinking of the countries on the continent the state of Brazil has seen a rise in professionals looking to use the latest skills and technologies to push forward various aspects of life in the country to be of the most benefit for the Brazilian people. Extra explains the skills of Dr. Sergio Cortes have been shown in a variety o ways as he looks to protect and care or the health o the people of the state of Rio de Janeiro.

Cortes had already begun providing information through his Linkedin and Twitter accounts when the flooding struck, which allowed his skills in creating the highest quality Health Department for Rio de Janeiro to be put to the test.

During the crisis the skills of Cortes as an impressive communicator were put to the test as he maintained open communications with the public to provide information for the people of the state. Cortes made sure the local population was aware of the unfolding disaster in Xerem, and gave them the opportunity to make sure any donations made for the area included the most needed supplies and assistance; water quickly became a major issue as the municipal supply had been contaminated with flood waters, prompting a call for bottled water donations from Sergio Cortes.

Not only did Sergio Cortes make sure he kept open lines of communication with the public, but also made sure partners in national emergency response agencies were kept aware of the needs of Xerem. An initial emergency kit arrived from federal authorities and was followed by calls from Cortes for more assistance after he personally toured the affected area. Sergio Cortes worked in a pragmatic way to make sure the people of Xerem got the best assistance available throughout the disaster, which saw outbreaks of illness monitored and treated as soon as they were spotted.