George Soros’s Views on How the EU Immigrant Crisis can be solved

Most developed nations, more so in Europe experience an immigrant crisis. Refugees who run away their counties due to redundancy, war or any other causes often go through a lot of trouble before they can be accepted in the countries they flee to. European Union countries are the most affected by this crisis, majorly due to their proximity to Africa.
Forbes Billionaire George Soros has weighed in on the issue of immigrant crisis. In his opinion, the EU needs to take blame of the crisis since the bloc has no joint asylum plan. This he says has changed the current inflow of refugees from a controllable problem to become a political watershed. Individual countries have victimized refuge seekers because each of them has egoistically concentrated on their own interests without bearing in mind the wellbeing of the whole union.

According to Bloomberg, the bloc needs to come up with an all-inclusive strategy in response to the crisis. This will help control the stream of the immigrants into the continent. This way, they can be safely and easily absorbed because the continent has the aptitude to house them. The strategy needs to go outside European borders, and includes solving the issues making the asylum seekers run away from their countries in the first place.

Soros’s Proposal

Mr. George Soros has made a raft of proposals, which if implemented will ease the crisis. He proposes that the EU admits at least one million refugees yearly. In addition, they should each be given 16,800 dollars yearly for two years to help them settle down in their host countries. The EU also needs to lead an international effort to sufficiently back Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey, which host 4 million migrants.

The union should form a solitary EU Asylum and Immigration Agency to reorganize the immigration process, and create mutual guidelines and procedures about the incorporation of the refugees. A humane policy also needs to be implemented to repatriate those who are not eligible for refuge. Churches, NGO’s action groups and corporations also need to be mobilized to raise money to support refugees. The original article was published on The Marketwatch. To read it, click on this link:

A brief Synopsis of George Soros

He is a wealth fund billionaire and one of the most passionate humanitarians. He is dedicated to the concept of an open society where rights are upheld. He started his philanthropy in 1979 by backing those opposed to the South African Apartheid Regime. He also is an accomplished author with 14 books under his name. They mostly focus on the financial and democratic space.

Soros supports the liberation of immigrants because he has faced a similar situation before. He had to flee his native Hungary to seek better life in the United Kingdom, and later the US. He was pivotal in the formation of the Central European University in Hungary to help widen the democratic space. George Soros has also been a political mediator, and played a vital role in ending the communism era and the adoption of capitalism in Eastern Europe between 1984 and 1989.