Yeonmi Park Determines To Tell Her Story

Yeonmi Park is a dissident from North Korea, and she is telling her story by making videos, podcasts and writing a book. An article in Reason shows that Yeonmi Park is ready to release her book to the world even though she is in danger from the North Koreans who want to shut her up. Dissidents have been assassinated before, but she does not care. She lives in South Korea, and she is literally shouting across the DMZ to her people in North Korea.

There is such a major difference between North and South Korea that everyone can see it, and North Korea is so isolated that it is not going to be able to come out of its shell unless the current government falls. Yeonmi is trying to help the world learn about that tyrannical government, and that is something that people need to learn about from Yeonmi. She escaped from North Korea with her mom when she was not even a teenager, and then she was trapped by a smuggler for two years.

She made her way to the west to get an education, and she started using digital technology to make sure that people would hear her message. She is one of the most progressive dissidents in history, and she is writing a book because she wants even more people to learn about her. Her story is really sad, but it shows how bad it has gotten in North Korea.

The story of Yeonmi Park is very important because people in the west cannot keep ignoring a country that is hiding from the rest of the world. It is so bad that people over there will never be able to recover if they still have the same government, and it is getting worse every year. Yeonmi knows that her country will never recover unless she is willing to fight for it, and she has gone right back to the hornet’s nest to make sure that she can help the people she loves. Her love for her country makes her speak out, and she risks her life to educate the masses.