What does Jason Hope feel about investing?

One of the most successful business people in Scottsdale Arizona is Jason Hope. Jason has been interested in the healthcare technology sector for a long time and has invested in the same. He is a futurist and believes that making the right moves when it comes to investments is what pays off in the long run. Below is an interview with the investor about his passion for investing and his philosophies on the same.

When asked about his inspiration to start investing, Jason states that it is expected that everyone who gets a degree in finance from the University of Arizona will start something that is business related. He states that he chose mobile communications because unlike the other digital mediums, mobile had the capability of reaching more than 90 percent of the population. Jason Hope started selling premium mobile messaging services and it was the foundation of all the investment that he has done in medical research.

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When asked how he makes his money, he stated that his greatest source of money was his portfolio in investing in technology. He states that when he started his career as an investor, he created Jawa, the Telecommunications Company that has been a partner in all the other creations and partnerships that he has been part of. He, like all the other futuristic thinkers, knew that the future would rely heavily on technology.

When asked how long it took before he became profitable, he states that he was lucky enough to become profitable as soon as he started investing. He adds that while it is normal for every entrepreneur to have a healthy sense of doubt, it is this doubt that keeps one on their toes and aids their growth in business. The success he has achieved this far is enough evidence that with the right amount of smart work, investment success is a possibility.

Excessive Facebooking At Work Is Not Professional And How Status Labs Helps Clients

Very many people access people access Facebook during working hours which is counter-productive. Typically, many people access the social site during afternoon hours and it has been identified that afternoon projects are always competing with the employees desire to browse on social media. Even though many offices do not actually block employees from using the site, it does not mean that it is the smartest thing they ever did. If anything, many wish they could do so without sounding and looking ‘undemocratic’.

Recent research has concluded that problems associated with over use of social media are on the rise. Many human resource managers have indicated that their employees are overusing social media and technology at large when at work. However, when done with the required finesse, Facebook at work can be rewarding.

To avoid trouble, employees should create a professional profile that they will be using while at work and not their personal one. Experts advice that when creating a professional profile, one should act as if they own the business. The professional page will be used for professional interactions only that can be good for while at the job. It should be used to reinforce talents and skills to the world.

It is also important to avoid posting or commenting on funny updates. If an employer finds comments or comments not in good light, that might brew trouble. It is imperative to keep off comments and opinions in matters political, current affairs and especially those that are not in very good light.

Employees should also learn to stay for long hours without coming online because when they show that they are always online, it raises a red flag. In this case scenario, it is important to download applications or products that can help in keeping them off social media as long as possible.

Status Labs is a well known online reputation management firm. The company is in the business of ensuring that all its clients enjoy good reputation regardless of the amount of reputation damage done to them.

Status Labs has been in operation for a good number of years to specifically know the best methods to use in wiping out bad online reputation. The company is always committed to the best service and it strives to ensure that every client gets results that exceed their expectations.