Ted Bauman: Inspiring People to Take Hold of Their Financial Futures

Ted Bauman recently sat down to discuss the events that have led him to his lucrative position with Banyan Hill publishing. His interview with Ideamensch.com is an exciting look at some of those steps that he takes to perpetuate his success. Ted Bauman has done a lot in his life so far. He graduated from the University of Cape Town in South Africa after emigrating there as a young man. He originally grew up in Maryland, but he decided that he wanted to go somewhere and make an impact. He studied in both history and economics. This is something that he used in his roles with nonprofit entities working towards housing options. Eventually, he found himself back in the United States as a writer for Banyan Hill publishing.

While it has been a thrilling ride, Ted Bauman has learned a lot throughout the years. One of the things that he explains to Ted Bauman’s interviewer at Ideamensch is that he wishes he had known more about his cycle of productivity. He has learned that he is very productive in the morning. He explains that if he had known that early on into his career that he may have been even more productive. He continues to remain very excited about the articles that he posed. Ted Bauman is responsible for Plan B Club, The Bauman Letter, and Alpha Stock Alert. Ted Bauman Explains 3 Possible Stock Market Crash Outcomes.

One of the most important things that Ted Bauman wants his readers to take away from this interview is that they have the power to take their financial sovereignty into their own hands. He would love to see a reality where people become more independent of government entities and have more of a say over their financial futures. In fact, he explains that this is a trend he has become very excited about. People have expressed more interest in their financial futures and the global economy than they ever have before. He is hopeful that this trend will continue well into the future and change the way that big businesses seen in the global economy. He feels that if his readers can take away anything from his writing it would be that they hold their own future in their hands.

Altium Capital Health for a Change

Gottlieb is a revered investor that many had an extensive reputation with a unique eye for value. He decided to start a new firm that is eventually named Altium Capital. In the past, he spent his time working as the CIO of Visium Asset Managment, a firm with a few public downfalls that involved insider trading. After the extensive investigation, Jacob Gottlieb was free and let out without any charges. This is a critical reason as to why he decided to open his own firm and a clean reputation.

As a young man, Gottlieb had a passion for investing. His drive for investing is not only at home, but he brought it out to his classmates and was the winner of a stock picking contest at his school. Gottlieb, with his parents, support ultimately decided to pursue a career in medicine. After much time in university, he graduated with a Bachelor in Arts from Brown University in Economics. He did not stop there and also earned an M.D. from NYU Medical School.

Now he is ready to work as a professional in a world of many flaws. His first job after University was as an analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein & Co. This new job sparked further interest in the space and he decided to continue going to school. This time he wanted to earn his Certified Financial Analyst (CFA) which he received in 2001. As a CFA he gained a lot more standing within the industry, and he left Sanford taking his expertise elsewhere. He moved to Balyasny Asset Managment (BAM) where he truly began to shine. He stayed at his new job for a few years before the entrepreneur inside him screamed for change. This change was to start Visium in 2005, a bold move that would pay off heavily.

Investors came in rather quickly, and he was able to raise $300 million in no time. This lead to a prosperous time of success and Visium grew into an $8 billion fund with 170 employees at its peak. Things changed quickly at the end of 2016 when three employees were charged for insider trading and securities mismarking that artificially inflated not only their pay but the returns for clients. This scandal led Gottlieb to leave the company and pursue his original passion in medicine by investing in companies such as Oramed Pharmaceuticals and Sellas Life Sciences. Both companies he understands with a disruptive roadmap preparing for entry into the broad pharmaceutical and medical fields.

Paul Mampilly: The Investment Guru

Paul Mampilly has built a robust reputation in the field of finance and investments. He began the journey of a thriving career in 1991, as an assistant portfolio manager at Wall Street. More responsibilities honed his skills and opened up new opportunities for him.

Some of the organizations Paul has worked are Deutsche Bank, Kinetics Assets Management, and ING among others. A particular experience at Kinetics was a game changer for Paul. He was entrusted with a hedge fund, which he worked on it diligently. After one year, the average returns were 26%. The amount had increased to $25 billion. This achievement motivated Paul Mampilly to take up more challenges.

Another experience that changed Paul’s life was the Templeton Foundation. He was invited to participate as a competitor. Starting with $50 million, Paul Mampilly was able to increase the amount to $88 million within a year. That was not the only exciting thing. Paul achieved it during the 2007/2008 recession period. These two experiences made Paul a famous investor in the world.

Wall Street became too slow for Paul at the peak of his career. He realized that beneficiaries were only one percent and this was not right by him. Paul decided to retire and be with his family, but he still wanted to do something. Paul chose to fill the void by helping people with investment ideas and decisions. He wanted others to succeed and learn more about finances. That is how Paul joined the Banyan Hill. It is a platform that gives him audiences to do his purpose.

Paul Mampilly founded Profits Unlimited Newsletter after joining Banyan Hill. This newsletter guides people on how to invest and when to do it. Through his experience and expertise, Paul predicts or analyzes viable opportunities for his audiences. For this reason, a lot of them lose their money due to misinformed decisions. Since Paul Mampilly began his cause, it has saved many people from losses. He is still determined to continue with his noble work.


Anil Chaturvedi is one among a few seasoned banker with more than four decades of experience in investment banking, corporate banking, and private banking. Anil also privileged to provide corporate advisory moreso on cross-border transactions such as Europe and India. Anil has his origin in India although his career has been mainly outside India. He is currently the Managing Director at Hinduja Bank Switzerland. Anil attended Delhi University and graduated with a Bachelor of Amorerts in Economics in 1973. He later went to FMS Delhi University from 1971 to 1973 and graduated with a Master’s in Business Administration in Financial Management.

From 1987 to 1991, Anil worked at the State Bank of India as the Manager in charge of development and planning. He was posted to the greater New York City area and was responsible for coming up with strategic plans and their implementation to capture nonresidents Indians in the US. His leadership at the institution led to over $500 million in new business. He was awarded Man of the Year Award because of this commitment and work for the four years that he worked at State Bank of India.

Towards the end of 1991, Anil joined ANZ Grindlays Bank as the vice president and senior representative of US operations. He was responsible for the overall operation of the bank such as product development, developing marketing strategies, developing leadership skills among the staff and coming up with profitable models. In 1993, Anil Chaturvedi left ANZ Grindlays Bank for Merrill Lynch serving as the Managing Director. He was a leading private banker for Indians living in the US, Europe, and Asia. He helped high net worth investors find suitable investment opportunities and became one of the best advisors for high net worth individuals.

In 2011, Anil joined Hinduja Bank Switzerland as the managing director after seventeen years at Merrill Lynch. He is responsible for developing corporate advisory as well as facilitating cross-border transactions between USA, Europe, India, and Asia. He facilitates mergers and acquisitions and raising of capital between cross-border businesses. He has also helped many startup companies in India especially in e-commerce. Anil Chaturvedi has become of the best bankers, and his advice is widely sought especially in cross-border transactions.