Enjoy Using The Magnises Back Card Everyday When You Get Your Membership

It’s not very hard to enjoy using the Magnises card, especially in New York City. After getting the membership, using the card is as easy as 1-2-3. First, pay the membership fee to join Magnises by going to the website. The cost to join as a member is $250, which will be some of the best money you’ve ever spent. Once you pay the fee, you should then download the Magnises Concierge because it’s your guide to all the fun that New York City and beyond has to offer. The concierge is set up to help any Magnises card holder by addressing them by their names.

The app also works by giving all kinds of suggestions, whether it’s about where to go to eat for the night, bars that are popular, coffee shops, special events and more. Since the application is loaded with all the fun things that a Magnises member wants, you simply need to converse with the application to get something to do for the night or to make reservations. Since the app is able to make reservations, there is no need to call a restaurant or bar to get the reservations you need, especially when the app has an easier time doing it for you.

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You will receive your own black card from Magnises, which will display your name on the front of it. The back of the car will have a magnet strip that is just like a credit card, which means it can be swiped and used as a purchasing card. Add banking information to the card, which is not a requirement but something that many Magnises card holders have chosen to do. The ease of usability of the Magnises card is the reason why so many people carry the card around with them, and there are also so many perks too.

Magnises has changed some things around and added a number of what are called lifestyle perks, which are just fabulous and can help to give great discounts to anyone who uses the passes on their membership. The only thing that should be notated with the passes is that they are an additional cost on top of any membership fee that’s paid. Each pass doesn’t the same amount. The ClubPass is definitely one of the hottest commodities from Magnises because of its ability to allow guaranteed nightclub entrance.

Everybody knows that it can be such a problem to enter a nightclub in New York City, so using the Magnises ClubPass can help prevent this problem. The SportsPass is a great addition to any Magnises membership because it has the ability to give the Magnises card holder some great seating in any sports venue, which also comes at a great price. Discounts are also available when using the HotelPass and WorkPass, which one gives discounts to hotels and the other to co-working spaces. Consider adding every pass to your account to make for the best membership, especially if you want all the best perks.

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