Put Your Smooth On….On Your Lips, That Is!

The small, pretty blue ball erroneously rolled off of the dining table in the restaurant. A few other diners noticed it, largely because of the bright color or because they must have thought it was a ball. I, too, was unsure just exactly what it was as my friend, Samantha, lunged to retrieve her treasure as if it was something she could not bear to lose. As she returned to the table with the small colorful ball, I immediately inquired about what turned out to be Evolution of Smooth lip balm or EOS.

Samantha was eager to show her treasure to me. She easily unscrewed the small ball-like top and showed me the natural smooth lip balm inside. I was astounded and impressed as she gently rubbed the small ball-like balm over her lips. I had noticed earlier that Samantha’s lips looked smoother and the small age lines had diminished. Samantha shared her information about the EOS Blueberry Acai lip balm she loved. She also explained that there were several other flavors available; she reported that her Strawberry Sorbet lip balm was at home. In the nature of good hygiene, I only smelled the impressive lip balm without sampling it myself, but I vowed to obtain one for my own use! I was especially excited to find out that the company also manufactures a Medicated Tangerine flavor for those who have very dry lips or who suffer from Psoriasis.

I apologized to my own favorite Avon lip balm the next day when I visited the Evolution of Smooth website. I have been an avid Avon lip balm user for years but these products looked great. They are all natural, paraben and gluten free lip balms. I will be trying the Medicated Tangerine first but I imagine there will be more purchases to follow. Check out their products on Ulta.

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