The Changing Lip Balm Market

For almost a century, lip balms were stuck in an unchanging environment. The major makers of lip balm, Pfizer who made the Chapstick brand and Blistex, were not augmenting or innovating their products in any meaningful way. Customers were satisfied with their lip balms but viewed them in a purely utilitarian manner. They were not enthralled or excited about the lip balm that they were buying.

An article in Fast Company details how a new market entrant, EOS, changed all that. EOS lip balm envisioned the market from the ground up by seeking to understand what modern customers wanted in a lip balm and how this differed from the products that were currently available in the market.

The founders of EOS who had considerable experience buying and marketing for major brands like Pepsi and Unilever started to explore the customers wishes. They were seeking higher quality ingredients over the unnatural petroleum jelly based lip balm used in the past and EOS introduced oils like she’s butter into their lip balms. While this higher quality ingredient cost more money, customers proved to be willing to pay up for a luxury ingredient when the final cost of the lip balm was only $3 an orb at Lucky Vitamin.

About the orb; well EOS lip balm found that women customers were tired of losing their lip balm in their hand bag and designed a unique orb that was still sanitary to apply but which provided a luscious application. Bright colors on the case made it easy to find even in a crowded hand bag while interesting flavors kept customers trying new options and flavors.

All of this led to a marked success for EOS which has become in just seven years a $250 million in revenue enterprise that is now starting to branch out into other personal health care products.

For more info, visit the EOS website ( and Facebook page.

Social Media Guru Lime Crime Hits 2 Million Instagram Followers

Using social media to push a product will only take a business so far. Demonstrating her true social media genius, Doe Deere, CEO an Founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, engages her followers to participate in spreading the word about how they actually put together colorful, creative and trending looks. Because consumers spend so much time in their favorite social media outlets, sharing and coming up to speed with the latest in everything from fashion to stylish home living, the wise ecommerce business would do well to get to know their target audience and figure out a way to involve them in sharing their ideas concerning product usage.

PR Newswire announced that the Los Angeles based cosmetics brand, had doubled its worldwide Instagram fan base in less than one year. How’d they do that?, you might ask. According to the article here are a few notable pointers used by Lime Crime to catapult take the product line to social media heaven:

  • offer an interactive shopping experience
  • cultivate a fun and engaging environment
  • have fans contribute their own product testimonies

Lime Crime has been a fully vegan and animal cruelty-free product line since 2012. Take a look at their popular Velvetines Liquid Matte Lipstick line which allows wearers to exhibit their moods in either extremely dark or charmingly light color duos. Bold colors, such as Red Velvet and Sudeberry, stay put throughout the day according to user reviews. The ability to prevent the wearer from looking like a clown are a testament to research that goes into formulating the Lime Crime products, including clinical allergy testing.

One visit to the Lime Crime Facebook, and you can experience how lovers of this product adore the unabashed use of color to express their own unique identity. Lime Crime products are not for the faint at heart. Old rules and traditions go out the window. Color splashing with bold and opposing hues, bright lips and dark eyes, and highly pigmented, creamy metallics are enough to make your grandmothers hair stand on edge.