Give Your Lips Superior Protection That Lasts Throughout The Day With EOS Lip Balm Products

A recent PRN Newswire beauty care article is raving about the new EOS lip balm products, saying, they’re chosen 10 to 1, over Chapstick. They are widely known throughout the world for leaving your lips feeling ultra smooth. They saturate your lips with an all natural hypoallergenic base that won’t dry or crack your lips. Your lips have very sensitive skin that needs extra sensitive products to retain your youthful luster. EOS lip balm products come infused with jojoba oil and shea butter providing 100% all natural coverage. Pamper your lips with the perfect lip balm that is great for all budgets.

Why Go EOS?

EOS lip balm products are all natural and have many delectable flavors to choose from that will have you craving their fragrances. Their products heighten your senses and give you a equal balance of moisture and flavor. Say goodbye to the traditional lip balm products with harsh by products that require multiple reapplications. EOS lip balm products are known for having your lips feeling ultra smooth when and where you need coverage. They are individually packaged in unique packaging that will have their lip balm products easy to identify.

Evolution Of Smooth Flavors

– Acai

– Blueberry

– Almond Milk

– Lemon Drop

– Purple Sorbet

– Wildberry

– Original EOS

and much more…

Evolution of Smooth is a very popular EOS lip balm. They offer a great product that is easy to order from their exclusive website, Pamper your lips with an organic lip balm that will have you exploring all of their unique flavors. You can also find EOS lip balm products from You’re invited to try their products and transform your lips to full silky smooth puckers with your first use. View the EOS product gallery on Facebook.