Lime Crime And My Inner Wild Side

Most of the time, I’m a bit mousy. Looking me you would see a bit of an ordinary person. I’m a librarian by training and I spend my time with books. I trend to dress accordingly. However, once in awhile, I feel the need to let go and bring out a side of me that I like to think of as my wild side. There’s a part of me that loves wild colors and outrageous makeup. When I want to let it out, I turn to a makeup company I found called Lime Crime. They have all kinds of fabulous products that are right in my wheelhouse.

Glorious Color

My ordinary makeup tends to the plain side. I wear pale pinks and very soft peaches. But I also like to turn to Lime Crime when I want brazen color. The company has all kinds of makeup in luscious shades across all shades of the rainbow. If I want to go for a lip look of red so bright you can see across the room, I know I can find it here. If I want to have eyes that instantly stand out in a crowd, I also know that I can find it right here from Lime Crime. The colors here are intense. This makes them perfect for when I’m feeling the need to let out my inner sense of style that is all about being free from convention.

Easy Choices

The makeup that I find on UrbanOutfitters makes it very easy for me to pick out makeup that is just right for any look that I have in mind. I can find dark black makeup for when I want to consider a look that is intense and brooding — perfect on a rainy day or during the depth of winter when I want to feel at one with the weather. The same is often true during the summer when I want to embrace the newly warm weather. I can put on bright colors from Lime Crime that are sun colors and colors of the flowers I love so much.  Go to the company direct on the Lime Crime Facebook.