Stream Energy Continues Dramatic Growth

One of the biggest expenses that most people have to incur on a monthly basis are their utility bills. Due to the increasing cost, the cost of energy, wireless services, security services, and other home services can easily cost the average household hundreds of dollars per month. Unfortunately, there has not traditionally been many options for people to choose from ( Due to the lack of competition, prices for these services have continued to be very high. Fortunately, there is one new company that is continuing to make a dent in the industry and reduce prices.


Stream Energy, which is based out of Dallas, Texas, is continuing to show that they are a growing competitive energy company that can provide excellent service to consumers. he company has been in business for about 15 years and today employs more than 250 people. The company today provides services to people all along the Eastern Seaboard, Illinois, Texas, Georgia, and a few other select markets.


Today, the company provides a range of different energy services, security systems, wireless internet services, and other products that help to compete directly with the major service providers and utility companies. Because of their lack of back office and administrative costs, the company is able to provide better services at a lower price.


While the company has started slow and small, it has a big plan in place that will allow it to continue to grow ( After it has expanded into the state of Delaware earlier this year, be the company is now looking at some other select markets to continue its operations. As the company continues to develop a strong reputation with customers in the existing markets, it is also able to find new clients that are looking for a new energy or wireless service option. This is helping Stream Energy to continue to penetrate into the existing markets.