FreedomPop is on the Rise

Smaller mobile phone service do have a tough time breaking through to the consumer public. Buyers have a tendency to stick with the big names thanks to their track record. What consumers do not like is the high costs so commonly associated with smartphone use. Well, the smartphone is cheap. The connecting service comes with high costs. Or does it?

FreedomPop is on the verge of revolutionizing the mobile industry. The Los Angeles company came up with a brilliant mobile service strategy that helped the small company make a big name for itself. There are now millions of subscribers in the United States and the United Kingdom with many more accessing the service via a global Wi-Fi hotspot.

FreedomPop’s brilliant plan entails providing completely free phone, text, and data on its basic plan. Free comes with no “secret costs” or gimmicks. Upgrading to expanded service is possible. The original free plan delivers 200 minutes and 500 text messages, and 500 MB of data per month. Again, minor additional fees can upgrade the amount.

For under $20, unlimited phone, text, and data is available. Such a deal is among the most generous of generous offers in the entire mobile industry. Another solid deal made available by FreedomPop is a new Wi-Fi hotspot service designed to connect at millions of locations all throughout the United States. The cost associated with the service is an incredibly low $5 per month.

FreedomPop has capitalized on some very basic consumer demands. People want excellent service at great deals. FreedomPop has been able to deliver both – something the major names in the mobile phone industry have not. FreedomPop went further than even the most generous of dreams. Free service was unheard of. Millions of customers will point out this is no longer the case.

FreedomPop has chosen to continue its successful endeavors by coming up with many new ventures. One item that is being developed is a VoIP phone, a phone totally reflective of the future. FreedomPop puts the tens of millions of dollars in venture capital funds it receives to fantastic use.

Another new horizon FreedomPop is gearing up to explore is internet service. The company has modems and accompanying inexpensive service available for those interested in cutting their current bills down. That should score some good marks in a FreedomPop review.

FreedomPop could end up going from a small-sized startup to a monster in the mobile and internet industry. And all this success will be built upon the classic concept of giving customers a good deal.

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Talk Fusion and Helping Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs are very valuable. However, aspiring entrepreneurs need help starting out. It is very hard to get a business off the ground if one does not know how to market. For one thing, marketing requires more than just text. However, the best types of marketing involve people that are on a list that could be emailed. Email marketing used to have tons of limits. Fortunately, Talk Fusion came in and took care of those limits. Now people can use email for video marketing so that they can attract more customers. Entrepreneurs now have the ability to be more creative in their presentation they send out to their recipients.

Talk Fusion was made possible by Bob Reina. Bob is one of the people who think forward. This is one of the reasons that he is a successful entrepreneur. He has a vision for entrepreneurs to succeed. He loves to help others including entrepreneurs because they are the ones that help create jobs. He provides the tools that make it possible for people to market their products in a way that brings in a lot of profits. He also encourages a lot of creativity because he understands that audiences respond to something that is unique and has taken a lot of effort.

Bob Reina is really passionate about leaving a positive mark on the world. He is doing everything he can to give to communities and nonprofit organizations so that they can continue to provide help to people that are in need. He has given $ 1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. He is also involved with saving lives of animals as well as giving to the orphanage of Indonesian. Bob’s plans to change lives is through actions. While other people may try to talk in the hopes of bringing change, Bob Reina understands that it is actions that bring about change.

From providing assistance to entrepreneurs to saving the lives of animals and children, Bob Reina has definitely made a lot of impact in his community. He will continue to work towards making positive changes to the world with his actions.


FreedomPop: The Alternative Phone Line

Android users in need of a cheap carrier that offers unlimited options are in luck. FreedomPop is offering an unlimited talk, text and data over WiFi for just five dollars a month. This service runs through the FreedomPop app that is available on the Google Play Store.

How Does this Work?

This service uses over tn million wi-fi hot-spots across the country to provide users with service. Many of these hot-spots are private, and only are available to subscribers. The service connects automatically at any wi-fi hot-spot or network. This means that phone and data services work seamlessly almost everywhere.

People who are on a budget and those who want to avoid a huge cell phone bill will both benefit. It’s also perfect for younger people. High school or college students will find it useful. Their phones would be connected while they are out and about, disconnect safely while they drive, and then reconnect when home. The temptation to text and drive is simply and easily removed. It is a safer alternative to a typical cellular plan.

Automatic Connections Offer an Alternative Line

The FreedomPop app gives its users an easy to use automatic interface. Instead of having to manually sign in each and every time locations change, the app automatically logs the user in. Nationwide Wi-Fi service provides a workable and reliable alternative to standard costly LTE data plans.

Using Wi-Fi instead of cellular data is an easy way to lower a cellular bill. Cellular data is by far more costly than Wi-Fi data. The FreedomPop five dollar plan gives its users a low-cost option to supplement their existing cellular plan. It’s a great way to save money without sacrificing service quality.

According to the CEO of FreedomPop, Steven Stokols, the network of wi-fi hot-spots will number over 25 million locations by the first quarter of 2015. Some of these locations will include popular retail locations such as McDonald’s, Starbucks, Best Buy and Burger King.

About the App

The FreedomPop app runs on nearly every Android platform. It assigns a local phone number to a phone or tablet. The app then runs texts, sms messages and phone calls through it. Users can call anyone in the world. Users can call or text anyone in the United States for free. The provided number can be taken anywhere. It is great to use as a second phone line or a low-cost cellular plan alternative.

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FreedomPop to Launch in Spain with Zero-Rated Access to WhatsApp

FreedomPop for those of you who are unaware is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator that offers mobile cell services for little or no cost as well as free roaming in 31 countries around the world. FreedomPop’s free service offers 200 minutes, 200 megabytes of data and 200 texts free of charge. Through offering a basic free package to its users upfront many individuals choose to purchase additional monthly services from FreedomPop which is exactly what their business model was designed to do. FreedomPop was founded in LA back in 2011 and currently offers services in the United States and UK. Recently FreedomPop announced that it would be rolling out services in Spain in the upcoming months. FreedomPop announced that in addition to its mobile service plans it will be offering zero-rated access to WhatsApp. WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging and communications services utilized by individuals around the globe. There are other service providers that have offered zero-rated access to WhatsApp in the past which is powered and owned by Facebook however FreedomPop will be the first mobile network carrier to embrace WhatsApp in an organic manner allowing them to offer these services without an official partnership with Facebook or Whatsapp. With WhatsApp already being the most popular messaging app amongst mobile consumers in Spain it only makes natural sense that FreedomPop would leverage on their success to gain traction in the market. With full global expansion expected from FreedomPop, many individuals believe that this upcoming launch in Spain is an example of the bigger business model that is to come from FreedomPop. To learn more about FreedomPop and the upcoming release into the market in Spain check out the article originally published on VentureBeat here.

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