Waiakea: Discover Just how Good Water can be

Since its inception in 2012, Waiakea water has been changing people’s perceptions about what it means to drink bottled water. From the start, Waiakea has produced a unique water that people enjoy and trust. After all, it’s not every company that can boast a product which is naturally filtered through tens-of-thousands of feet of volcanic mountain.

The resulting water is rich in several minerals like calcium and potassium which gives it a distinct, pleasing taste that is naturally alkaline, yet wonderfully drinkable and refreshing. This water lets Mother Nature take its course, not needing to be changed with additives or other enhancement processes that would otherwise alter its natural state and purity. The water is then bottled in a sustainable, environmentally friendly fashion using 100 percent recycled plastic at a facility that uses 1/3 renewable energy sources. Learn more about Waiakea water: http://www.organicauthority.com/Waiakea-Water-Redefines-Sustainable

Since the Waiakea springs aquifer maintains a 1.3-billion-gallon recharge rate, the company also makes sure the future of its water and the environment are a high priority. On top of all this, the company has also partnered with the charitable group Pump Aid to provide clean drinking water to disadvantaged communities in places like rural Africa.

This charitable commitment translates to donating 650 liters of clean drinking water for every liter the company sells. The result of this clean water initiative has meant Waiakea has donated more than half-a-trillion liters of clean drinking water to those who need it most.

Overall, the Waiakea commitment to quality, genuine concern for the environment and charitable giving has truly paid off for both the customer and the company. In less than four years, the brand has grown over 5000 percent and is now valued at more than $10 million.

It’s proof that a company can still make a profit with not just a great product, but also by putting ethics and the environment at the forefront of its mission. According to BabyBoomster, Waiakea water can now be found at thousands of stores across the U.S. in a majority of states.