Contribution of Sheldon Lavin to growth of OSI Group

OSI Group is one of the largest companies in the United States and the largest privately owned food company in the world. Forbes ranks it in the top 100 companies in the United States. The company deals with the supply of protein foods in the United States and 25 other countries. It has constructed 65 facilities to aid in the production of foods for its market. This business has been around for the past one century since it was started in 1909. It has taken the hard work of the people who have managed it- from Otto Kolschowsky who is the founder his two sons and later Sheldon Lavin who is the current CEO of the OSI Group company.

Sheldon Lavin joined OSI Group in 1975. At the time, the company was under pressure to increase its production capacity so that it could it could meet the demand that coming to its business partner known as McDonald’s. OSI Group had been contracted by the McDonalds to supply hamburgers. McDonald’s grew faster than OSI had anticipated and they were forced to take some quick measures to ensure that the company remained in business.

At some point, OSI Group needed to take its activities to other parts of the globe. There process however needed management that well versed in financial matters due to the issue of capitalization. The organization needed someone who has been in business long enough to know how it should be carried out. It is at that point that Sheldon Lavin joined an equal partner in the company. His addition to the company proved vital as it promoted the quick growth of the business. In the year that followed entry into OSI Group, results started showing. He changed the business model of the company so that they could stop being over-reliant on the McDonalds. They also needed to find other clients who would support the company’s growth.

The changes that were brought by Sheldon Lavin proved vital for the company as the company recorded impeccable results in the following years. There was a rapid development of the company and its international expansion plan kicked off in earnest.

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OSI Group Continues to Thrive as a Global Food Processor

OSI Group has demonstrated a pattern of growth and innovation over the years to such a degree that they landed on the Forbes magazine list of America’s largest private companies. They are an elite global food processor with a tremendous depth of resources. They have embarked on a course of steady expansion under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin who became their CEO in the seventies. They are still in acquisition mode when it makes sense and furthers their production capabilities.

One recent purchase for them was the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago which added 200,000 square feet to their production capacity. It also has the added advantage of being in close proximity to their other locations within the city. Furthermore, their top managers are excited about this facility adding to their growth.

OSI Group has an entrepreneurial bent that powers their customer relations and the Chicago purchase makes it easier for them to quickly adapt to their needs. Senior Executive Vice-President Kevin Scott indicated this in regards to the purchase and is also pleased that OSI’s manufacturing network will be stronger in light of the acquisition.

Baho Food is a Dutch manufacturer of food products like deli meats and other convenience foods. They were acquired by OSI Group in 2016 and have proven to be a good fit for their operations. Their core business nicely complemented OSI’s own resources in Europe and has given them a stronger presence in this key market.

The focus on innovation and entrepreneurialism have been key factors in the success of the company. Even though they are a very large organization, the ability to move quickly for their customers helps them both succeed. Creativity and a can-do spirit are hallmarks of the company as they strive to go above and beyond for their clients.

Sheldon Lavin has been an instrumental figure during the rise of OSI Group as they started with one plant in the Midwest. They now span the world and are found in 17 countries operating 65 cutting-edge facilities. His vision was always a global one and the company’s growth has been steady and fueled by the aforementioned entrepreneurial mindset.

David McDonald is another key figure for the company and he is their President and has served with them for approximately 30 years. He recently related that the desire for continued growth and improvement have been crucial to their success. He’s proud of their business culture and looks for continued success in these cornerstones.

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OSI Food Solutions — Leaders Producers in Excellent Food

OSI Food Solutions is a great food production company. They have been presented with the famous Globe of Honor Award for the year of 2016 for their standards of excellence. They avoid any envirronmental risks in their food production. This exemplary level of production serves as a standard in the food inductry and they have set the bar pretty high for others to follow in their footsteps. The award was presented durin a luncheon at Draper’s Hall in London. This beautiful city has hosted some of the most prestigious award ceremonoies in the world and the British Safety Cou ncil Award ceremony was no exception. They received the award on the date of November 25, 2016.

There were a total of 18 other food organizations copeting for the award but OSI Food Solutions was able to come out on top. The award is only given to those organizations who exhibit ahigh level of proficiency in the area of environmental management and safety. To be considered for the award an organization must show proof of their proficiency with local and global safety standards. They must have achieved a five star rating with the British Safety Council. The auditing is strenuous and strict. An organization must pass a rigourous checklist of protocols and guidelines and an independent panel of experts inspects the business at every level. They inspect the boardroom practices and operations and watch procedures in the shop floor.

For OSI Food Solutions to have received the highly coveted award is no small feat. Lynda Armstrong, Chair of the British Safety Council, congratulated OSI Food Solutions on their achievement. She stated in an interview that it was an honor to award the company with such high honors. The awards have motivated other companies to adopt environmentally friendly practices and improve their operations. By improving health and safety practices their opertions have become more sustainable for the environment and humanity.

Mr. Mike Robinson was the board member to award OSI the environmental award. He gave it to Kelly Grimwood (OSI representative of Environmental Manager Europe) and proclaimed, “Leadership is a key factor in achieving excellence.” This statement from such a prestigious member of the board proves that OSI Food Solutions are on the right pth to changing the way the world produces and consumes food. Their journey is still underway and they are making great strides to continue evolving and innovating. OSI Food Solutions is the food company of the future.

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OSI Industries is on the Cutting Edge of Food Distribution

OSI Industries is a food service supply company based in Aurora, Illinois. Even though OSI is a worldwide entity, OSI works locally with management teams and production plants to deliver cost effective and efficient food solutions. By working locally, the company has the ability to work within local regulations, laws, cultural nuances and available talent pool.

OSI Industries began as a small family owned meat market in 1909 and by 1917, the company expanded into the wholesale meat market business. The company established themselves as an entity that offered quality meats and assorted products. In the mid-1950’s, the company partnered with McDonald Hamburgers and provided fresh ground beef patties for the fast growing fast food restaurant.

The company has grown to become a leader in supplying food items such as beef patties and sausage links, as well as pizza and sandwiches to foodservice suppliers and distributors. OSI Industries maintains operations in 17 countries and more than 50 facilities and delivers local food service solutions to its customers.

OSI Industries works to create custom products to meet customer’s specifications. They employ cutting edge thinking as they work to create specific solutions for clients. OSI Industries works to address any and all challenges no matter how simple or complex they may be. The team at OSI has the creativity and expertise to develop, produce and manufacture whatever product is wanted. OSI also works with each customer to formulate supply chain solutions and efficient distribution of products. The expertise available at OSI will help customers meet and often exceed expectations in the food service industry.

OSI has been operating in China for more than 20 years and as the economy in that country grows so does OSI and its offerings. OSI operates 8 factories and is on its way to being the largest poultry producer in the nation. With new facilities underway in China, OSI Group has the ability to provide services to Subway, Burger King, Papa John’s, Saizeriya, Starbucks, Yum, as well as McDonald’s. China remains a focus point for OSI Group as it continues to be an ever growing consumer market.

The team at OSI Industries knows its success rests on its employees. OSI is always searching for professionals to join the team at all levels. Attracting the brightest and the best is important to OSI and they way to do that is to offer an environment that both inspires and allows employees to work to reach their potential and even reach beyond their potential.

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David McDonald Plans For OSI Group David McDonald’s Background

Growing up on the farm in Iowa, made David McDonald (President OSI Group) develop a passion for agriculture, which he followed by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in animal science, at the Iowa State University. This education and passion have propelled David McDonald to rise through the leadership ranks from a project manager to the Chief Operating Officer of the OSI Group. David is a man of many hats, as he serves several boards like the OSI International Foods in Australia and the OSI Group. It’s through this vast work experience and a good education foundation that the moves he has made on the OSI Group are substantial.
Improving OSI’s Sustainability
OSI Group is lucky to have David on board, due to his exceptional leadership that has led to outstanding achievements. One of them is the Wallace E Barron Senior award. Due to this achievement and other success, he has become the force to reckon with in the industry. As a leader of the OSI, he is planning to make it the largest poultry product producer across China, where they have set up eight facilities, after being there for over 20 years. This is a demonstration of David’s calculated move, and pragmatic skills by linking things.
As the president, David is working tirelessly to enhance the sustainability of the OSI Group. He is achieving this by ensuring that the company has the required facilities in all its outlets. Additionally, he is ensuring that OSI’s logistics team attains the required skills that are required in the global market.
Under David’s leadership, the OSI Group has partnered with the clients through product development, by offering them what they need. Moreover, they have invested in technological mechanisms that enhance quality, and safety of their products. This is done by manufacturers that produce equipment that can detect any foreign food particles in their products.
The Baho Food
Under David’s leadership, the OSI Group extended its market in Europe, by acquiring the Baho Food. This is a Dutch company that deals with deli meat.According to David; this acquisition is a great investment for the company. The reason being it broadens OSI’s presence in the European market, and also makes it keep up with the global trends.
OSI Group
OSI Group located in Illinois is an American leading provider of meat products like beef patties, sausages, and bacon. It serves both local and international retail food service industries; with its over 50 facilities across 17 countries. One of these facilities is in China that serves clients like the McDonald’s, Starbucks, and the Subway, which is a strategic move. The reason being, during the 2008 Beijing Olympic, they supplied their products and received no complaints, an indication of OSI’s quality products.

Sheldon Lavin: A Leader To Learn From

The role of Chief Executive Officer is perhaps the most powerful position that a person can hold in American business. Those who fulfill that role understand that their decisions dictate whether a company will prosper or perish. The position of CEO honorable one not because of the salary, but because of the responsibility that they willingly and capably shoulder. It is an honorable position because it requires a near superhuman level of foresight, adaptability, composure, wisdom, and leadership.

No man is more deserving of this honor than Sheldon Lavin, the CEO of OSI Group. When he financed a small facility in West Chicago named Otto & Sons, he had no prior experience in the meat processing industry. However, he had owned his own financial consultation firm, and it was this experience that proved the most pivotal. Over the next four decades, Sheldon and his associates managed to transform Otto & Sons into the multi national food supply juggernaut that it is today. His experience as a business owner gave him a competitive edge, as he understood the importance of maintaining workplace moral. The meat processing industry was notoriously apathetic about the well being of it’s workforce, and Mr. Lavin able to dominate the industry by carefully and deliberately cultivating a family-like company culture that instilled loyalty in his workforce. By showing compassion for the people that work for him, he inspires his employees to go above and beyond the call of duty. A workforce that is both loyal and motivated is a workforce that is unstoppable, which is why Mr. Sheldon Lavin’s success should come as no surprise. He is the personification of everything that a CEO is supposed to be: a leader and a visionary that shows compassion for his workforce.

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