The End Citizens is the Voice of Americans

The End Citizens United is the Voice of Americans

With the decision made by the Supreme Court in 2010, the United States’ election has never been the same. The Supreme Court passed a law allowing people vying for different positions to use as much money as they need without being subjected to an investigation into the source of money. This literally meant that elections could be bought in the United States. With the existence of this law, the rich had more chances of winning because they could buy the elections at the expense of the poor who could not afford to spend large sums of money.

The 2010 law led to the formation of End Citizens United in 2015 which was meant to fight the big wigs in America who were willing to spend a fortune in order to win elections. Contrary to the large corporations which are financed by the rich, End Citizens united is sponsored by the common citizens from grassroots who give their donations with the goal of getting leaders of their own choice to win elections. According to Richard Carbo, who is the Director of Communication, the group targets to collect up to 30 million dollars that will be used to achieve the group’s goal. See more of End Citizens United on facebook

Reasons Candidates are running away from Corporate PAC Sponsorship

Since the End Citizens united group was formed numerous candidates especially the ones from the Democratic Party have started refusing sponsorship from the corporate PAC. Besides the fact that PAC majorly gave money to the candidates who are seeking reelections for various posts, recently none of them have accepted the money offered by the PAC. Most of the candidates have refused to receive the sponsorship because they believe that citizens perceive those leaders who refuse to take the corporate money as leaders who have the interests of the common citizens.

The war between the End Citizens and PAC Corporate began when the Democratic leaders realized that majority of the decisions especially those that relate to finance were decided by the leaders sponsored by PAC Corporations. Majority of these decisions were often decided against the needs of the average Americans. This became a problem for the common citizens who decided to give their donations that will be used to sponsor leaders who protect their interests.

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Betsy Devos Makes a Difference: Her Words and Actions Are Evidence

Betsy Devos has long been an advocate for citizens and more importantly for children. Her compassion for understanding the sensitive issues regarding the challenges they face is commendable.

Betsy’s first and foremost job is being a parent of four children herself. She understands the complexities they struggle with on a daily basis. Betsy has been a philanthropist taking on causes that fight for the dignity and rights of citizens for over 35 years.

After her confirmation on February 7, 2017, with a 51-50 vote, it was clear that Betsy would have an uphill battle with convincing people of her will to fight for those who need a champion. And she is more than ready to accept that challenge. Just like in sports it only takes one point to win and it is clear that Betsy knows how to take that one chance and be someone who makes a difference.

She has been a fighter for grassroots’ efforts and she is considered to be someone who has outstanding character. Betsy is a leader and in that role she has been someone that does not back down when things become tough.

Betsy grew up in Holland, Michigan in a small town. She received her high school education at Holland Christian High School and later received her bachelor’s degree from Calvin College in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Betsy became a member of the Christian Reformed Church in North America and also served as an Elder of Mars Hill Bible Church. Through all of her upbringing, Betsy has learned the core principles of values and ethics.

Those characteristics remain with her today and fuel her passion for standing up for people that need a voice.

Betsy has been an activist for the rights of the citizens of this country that has earned her the respect of the people she’s served for over three decades. She served as Chairwoman of the board for Alliance for School Choice as well as Acton Institute. Betsy also leads the All Children Matter PAC.

Words matter in the political system and the words of Betsy Devos relating to opposing the overturning of the transgender bathroom bill are clear.

In her own words Betsy publicly stated that she believes there is a responsibility for protecting all students, and with her direction, the government will ensure their safety as well as their civil rights. In addition, she will support the administration.

It cannot get any clearer in what Betsy Devos stands for. It is a complicated issue that Betsy knows requires a delicate balance.

Betsy has tirelessly given her efforts to the causes she believes in and has donated millions to those causes. Her integrity for doing what is right is without question and her ethics are impeccable.

George Soros doesn’t feel the Bern

George Soros does not believe that American needs to be made great again. Even though he is not a supporter of Republican front-runner Donald Trump, he is not feeling the Bern either. The Democratic billionaire does not believe Sanders is a viable Democratic presidential candidate.

Despite Hillary Clinton’s high negatives, George Soros may be right. Neither Trump nor Clinton poll favorably among American voters. Even though Clinton currently leads in the number of delegates she has, she does so because of super delegates at the moment. After a few more primaries, Sanders might actually pull ahead in the popular vote.

Even though the media is currently focusing on the contentious nature of the Republican campaign, there is just as much unrest on the Democratic side. Soros has thrown his support behind former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The billionaire’s support for her campaign makes even more sense when his net worth is considered. Sanders has spoken out against the one percent and accused both parties of engaging in oligarchy.
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Soros hopes that he can prove the senator from Vermont wrong by throwing his money behind Hillary, but the billionaire’s support rests more on his fears of another economic collapse similar to the one that happened in 2008 than his dislike of the Sanders’s policies. Soros believes that another Great Recession is imminent because of the policies of foreign countries. Electing the right president may not have an effect on the Global economy, but it could alleviate some of the effects locally. The philanthropist and fiduciary political activist believes that only Clinton can ameliorate some of the more severe effects.

Organizations such as list him as one of its founding members, and the billionaire regularly contributes funding to the Media Matters website. Media Matters exists to debunk right-wing media misinformation. It frequently shares videos from to further this goal.

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