The Impact Of Technological Security

Security comes in all shapes, sizes, forms and textures.

We’re specifically talking about the type of technology that exists in the world of security. These technologies accomplish so much that we can easily confuse them for the tech of the spy world. What makes the technology of security different from spy technology is application.

The private world of security requires that facilities and personnel have protection within the work they do. Spies often try to enter safe places to corrupt or to take information. The private sector for U.S. security is now led by Securus Technologies as a result of crime. This technology creator holds roughly 2,600 contracts with the U.S. government.

The private platform it has as business is only expanding. The agency recently acquired GovNetPay as a new venture that will expanding Securus Technologies and give it even more of the private industry of the United States.

Who Is Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is focused on the potentials that technology brings to society. Our modern civilization is seeing an integration with electronic devices that have various functions only electricity can accomplish. Interestingly, Securus works to create security components for the advances in technology that the public society has made.

A great example comes from the emerging and popular wireless technologies we have. The security factors of technology must advance with world progress. This is true for every advancement that mankind makes. The concept is also simple. What we achieve as a people and for the benefit of our lives can be turned around and leveraged for criminal activity.

The Agency’s Profile

Securus Technology is a United States leader in the private industry and works to keep facilities secure from criminal infiltration’s. These infiltration’s come in the form of stolen data, breached facilities and illegal communications with incarcerated people. The variety of factors mean that crime is always on the move, and something must be done about it.

The position of Securus Technologies in the US prisons

In the list of the many companies that provide network services to prisons in the US, Securus technology is one of the top-ranked due to its remarkable services it offers. The organization was founded back in 1986 with its major offices located in Allen, Texas, Carrollton, Georgia, and Atlanta.


The company is still on a verge to coming up with more offices as it tries to expand its services. In the current position, the technology company has played a great role in creating employment to over 1000 people with more than 2,600 correctional facilities in the US.


According to the directors of this firm, their main aim has been to keep inmates connected to their family members and friends. The establishment of this company was after they discovered unlimited subblockedions is the only way of keeping prisoners in touch with their people.


More to this, it is also only communication that can keep them informed of any information they need as well as offer them some independence. They also went ahead to explain their main focus is to facilitate effective communications among key corrections constituents and their number one choice for their communication being offering communication solutions in the corrections industry.


At Securus, the staff is always committed to offer swift solutions on communication matters. Being a premier provider of innovative communications solution in the correction industries, they have ever been ready and present to install and manage communication systems for use by the correctional facilities.


This being their major role, they have always been looking for better ways to offer unlimited and convenient payment services and products to their providers particularly the inmates. They value and know the convenience of funding inmate telephone calls a step that has encouraged them to introduce a variety of payment options with the aim of making it easy for the prisoners to choose their perfect fit.

Managerial skills and Achievements of Rick Smith in Securus Technologies

Rick Smith is an innovative, ambitious, and talented middle-aged entrepreneur who is on a mission to take his career to a higher level while contributing to the growth of his company. Passion has been driving him to excel in everything that he sets his mind on doing. He possesses outstanding managerial skills that he has acquired from the companies that he has been working with as an employee or in the management team. Rick Smith is currently the Chief Executive Officer at Securus Technologies, an American for Profit Prison Technology Company that is based in Dallas. Visit for more info.

Rick Smith attended the University of Rochester where he graduated with Masters Degree in Business Administration (MBA) and later joined the State University of New York-Buffalo where he did his Bachelor Degree in Engineering. Rick went ahead to master his degree at the University of New York, and he had as well acquired his Associate Degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. Rick Smith started his career in Global Crossing North America in the year 1972, where he worked in various positions from the junior level to the top management. Smith left the company in the year 1998 when he joined Eschelon Telecom Inc. as the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Rick worked hard and found his way up to a position of the President/COO a position he held until the year 2003. Rick Smith Joined his present company Securus Technologies in the year 2008 as the president, where he has been contributing a lot positively to the point that the management appointed him as the company’s CEO.

On January 7th, 2017, Rick Smith announced that the firm has added into its team a new senior sales executive, John Bell who will be responsible for developing high-tech software based sales team to help them with their expanded portfolio of over 800 products for law enforcement and corrections sectors. John Bell who has an extensive experience in transforming organizational culture and performance into exceptional performance, exceptional growth, and developing outstanding sales leaders joined Securus Technologies from December 30th, 2015 as the Senior Vice President of Sales.

Rick Smith announced that Securus Technologies is in the front line to help in law enforcements and correction agencies solve crimes and prevent social problems in the world, in particular among the young people. He added that Securus Technologies had received many letters and emails from the customers who have been appreciating and congratulating them for providing quality services. The company has been helping in a great way to keep the inmates, their families, and the society safer than it was in the past years. All the achievements in Securus Technologies are because of Rich Smith who is dedicated to seeing the world become a better place. Read more on about Rick Smith Securus.

Securus video visitation helps prevent crime in America’s prisons

Over the last decade, America’s prisoners have been gifted with VoIP-based video visitation technology that has allowed them to stay in almost constant touch with their family members and friends on the outside. This has proven to be an extremely important development, allowing prisoners to stay well socialized within a social circle of law-abiding citizens. In this way, prisoners can avoid the pitfalls of long term of incarceration, including isolation from normal social situations due to only being able to communicate with their fellow prisoners.


No one has been more instrumental in bringing this change about than Securus Technologies. Through its innovative VoIP-based video visitation system, Securus has enabled prisoners to engage in high-quality conversations with their loved ones in a face-to-face setting. It has done this largely through maintaining extremely low calling rates for inmates in the nation’s prisons.


The benefits of this have been almost too numerous to list. Any prison guard will tell you that inmates who are able to maintain close contact with their loved ones have a sense of hope and meaning in their lives that enables them to do time without becoming depressed or falling into a state of ennui. This is not just a great benefit to the inmates themselves but also to the prisons where they are housed.


Inmates with a sense of hope and a reason to keep their heads up, completing their sentence on good terms and not incurring infractions, are dramatically less likely to present security risks to the institutions where they’re housed.


Carceral facilities that have installed Securus video visitation systems have much lower rates of criminal activity and have generally fewer disciplinary problems. Experts attribute this effect to the positive psychological effects that maintaining meaningful relationships with law-abiding citizens, especially family members on the outside, has on inmates.




Top Customer Service Nomination Goes To Leading Inmate Provider

Customer service is a top priority at Securus Technologies and ensures that their customers are communicating over a stable network. Experience far less dropped calls in comparison to their competitors. They are well known for surveillance and monitoring, but recently became a part of the inmate communications network by providing services and features. They are one of the largest growing inmate communications providers as reported by PRN News. Their high level of customer service has allowed them to receive the prestigious Stevie Award. This is the highest award in the available in the industry that was awarded to them by a panel of over seventy-five judges.


Why Thousands Are Choosing Securus Technologies?


You can get thousands of inmate calling features that will allow you to stay connected to your love ones in a correctional facility. They guarantee that their customers will save time and money. Securus has partnered with some of the top inmate providers in the industry including JPay Services and Vimeo. Vimeo has allowed Securus to bring their customers a high definition remote visitation that will allow them to visit their loved ones over the internet. You can visit over the holidays for occasions including Christmas and never have to commute to a correctional facility.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Photos


You can leave an inmate a photo for them to retrieve online at any time. They offer inmates the option of receiving photos through an account that has to be approved by the correctional facility.


Advanced Pay


Customers eighteen of age or older are permitted to use a valid credit or debit card to pay for features in advance. Get calling credits towards inmate calls in advance over the phone or on the internet.


You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies website for more details and information on promotional offers on inmate services.


Accreditation of Securus Technologies from Better Business Bureau

Securus Technologies, a primary provider of civil & criminal equity development solutions for investigation purposes, public well-being and monitoring activities regarding the accreditation from the BBB – Better Business Bureau where it scoped an A+ rating. With a ultimate objective to improve and redesign customer services to about 25 million relatives and companions, Securus set up a 220 seat in-house call center locally – the largest in the field. This movement gave Securus additional control over how customer organization was managed, and allowed it to execute the BBB permitted rules for accreditation. Securus agents are prepared on account of the benchmarks and react to a standardization exceeding 2.5 million callings each month. Calls are answered at the typical rate of 11 seconds with the primary call resolution rate of 99%. The company’s call center has a purchaser devotion score of 4.3 out of 5. These results portray the commitment the organization has accomplished to its customers and the BBB models.

Having accreditation suggests that the BBB openly checked, asserted and agrees that Securus is the greatest office provider and the sole full-spectrum solutions provider within the field with the greatest business group in over 1,300 Associates all over the country more so meeting the benchmarks recorded previously. Richard A. Smith is the company’s Chief Executive Officer who acknowledged getting the accreditation and said it was a good symbol that the company’s performance enhanced each and every day. That would likewise put them at a superior position to carry out the business against their rivals some of which who questioned the Securus execution status. Accreditation portrays that – what you say you genuinely do and you can demonstrate it. Richard commented of being happy regarding the strategy that the BBB uses and guaranteed that Securus is committed to the BBB logic. Securus Technologies is situated in Dallas, Texas where it is committed to serving its clients while guaranteeing all customers better services.


Removing the Poison



Securus Technologies mainly specializes in the distribution of prison technology (for-profit). Their main headquarters are located in major cities, such as Atlanta and Texas. Their innovations track down detained criminals and individuals who are off parole. This allows the government to have a reliable source of information for storage.

Visit to know more about Securus Technologies.

Tainting the name of Securus

Securus views Global Tel Link (GTL) as “A cancer to the industry,” based on accumulated findings that highlights wrongdoings and breaches made by the business. GTL has committed several acts such as voluntarily adding overcharges to telephone calls. In order words, according to a report published on the prnewswire website, the minutes were being unaccounted for. Also, double billing similar calls made by inmates were also recorded.

Read full story here:

As highlighted in the following, press release, C.E.O Richard A Smith intends to publicize these illegal acts and make them evident to the public, ruining the reputation of GTL. His main goal is cut all ties with company and cut all business ties for the sake of the Seucrus’s growth.

Further Reference

Securus Technologies currently operates in approximately 3400-3500 law enforcement and correction agencies throughout the United States. They have an A+ company accreditation from he BBB. Anyone who’s interested in staying updated with the company’s goal of providing safe and secure monitoring products/services, refer to the following article!

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