Darius Fisher Lays down Tips for Web Presence

We are living in a world that has increasingly gone digital. Everything from our school work to our actual jobs can take place on the internet or, at the very least, a computer. Now more than ever we need to understand how to properly curate an image out of our web presence, something that Status Labs CEO Darius Fisher has turned into a career. Darius Fisher is in charge of Status Labs which is an online brand and reputation management company that focuses on web presence cultivation. Fisher dropped a few tips for people looking to keep their digital footprint in tact.

Investigate Search Engines
The first thing you can do, according to Fisher, is find out what the internet world really thinks of your name or your company’s name. So start off by logging out of all your Google accounts before searching your name or brand. By logging out you ensure that you get the most accurate search results possible. From these results you need to identify what exactly you want repaired in regards to your image. Are old articles popping up near the top of the results? Are unflattering pictures making their way into Google Images? This knowledge will help you as you go forward with the rest of these tips.

Remove Problems Where Possible
Now that you know where the problems are in regards to your digital presence you can begin to remedy them. Fisher advocates trying to get negative or unflattering results removed. You can do this by contacting web hosts directly and requesting that the content be taken down. If you find profiles or accounts that you control on the search page then you can go ahead and remove those yourself by logging into them, setting them to private, and then deleting the accounts. This may take awhile to do, especially if you are starting from zero, but it’s one of the most effective steps in the process.

Promote Engaging and Quality Content
Now that you’ve identified and removed problematic search results, you can begin to curate the engine and gear it toward what you want the public to associate with your name. You need to start developing on target brand related content and gearing it to be picked up on the search engines. Utilize SEO technology, hire professionals like Status Labs, and really focus on putting your best foot forward. The more quality content you create, the better your results will look.