Leadership of José Auriemo Neto

José Auriemo Neto, the firstborn son of one of the founders of JHSF, has been the Chief Executive Officer of JHSF Par since 2003. The company was founded in São Paulo, Brazil in 1972 with a focus on construction and real estate development. Originally a construction company, JHSF has evolved over the years into the biggest real estate developer in Brazil. In 2001 JHSF built the famous Metrô Santa Cruz mall in Sao Paulo. This project became very popular with customers as it was the first large-scale shopping mall to integrate the convenience of a local subway station into its development.

José Auriemo Neto took over leadership of the company at the age of 27. Under the direction of José Auriemo Neto, JHSF did not waste any time and quickly moved to capitalize on the luxury market. This proved to be a brilliant move, and JHSF soon diversified and grew into the residential, shopping center, high-end hotel and international business airport development sectors. Groundbreaking new projects began The modern Cidade Jardim complex in Sao Paulo was completed in 2006.

This center takes its name from its natural décor with trees, vines, and palm trees that complement the fresh, open atmosphere. This is a premier shopping destination in the region. In 2007 JHSF became a publicly traded company. At about the same time, JHSF was able to acquire a controlling stake in the Fasano Group hotels. The leadership of José Auriemo Neto shows in the development of further projects including the Horto Bela Vista Complex and the Catarina Fashion Outlet among others.

José AuriemoNeto: Brazilian Leader & Innovator

Brazilian official José Auriemo is a well-known and respected figure in Brazil. Neto fills in as director and CEO of JHSF Participacoes SA, a land organization concentrated on the improvement of business and private properties inside Brazil. Alongside managing the brand’s advantages in office structures, inns and open improvements AuriemoNeto likewise oversees the gatherings broad shopping and retail portfolio which, alongside the remarkable CidadeJardim shopping complex in Säo Paulo, additionally incorporates the MetrôTucuruv, the Bela Vista in Salvador and the Ponta Negra mall in Manaus.

In addition to all of this, a further two improvements in the Sao Paulo region are likewise as of now under development in acknowledgment of Brazils developing market. Needless to say, José Auriemo is helping make good changes for his country and also abroad. With that said, let’s take a deeper look into the work of José AuriemoNeto and JHSF to see the impact both José and his company have made.


The organization was established in the city of São Paulo in 1972 by the siblings Fábio and José Roberto Auriemo, alongside two different accomplices. At first under the name of JHS the organization was basically performing development and joining administrations. However, in 1990 there was a break up in the organization. FábioAuriemo took control of the organization’s operation that moved toward becoming JHSF and kept the concentration of its operations in the land showcase. José Roberto was in front of the other organization coming about because of the merger, JHSJ. Working this way, the organization extended its operations and begun to work in the shopping centers range.

JHSF was in charge of the development and operation of Shopping Metrô Santa Cruz in São Paulo, considered the principal shopping center in the nation coordinated with a tram station. After two years, José AuriemoNeto, the eldest child of FábioAuriemo, assumed control over the organization at 27 years old, strengthening his part in the extravagance and high-salary showcase. Zeco, as he is known, was in charge of building up the recreation center’s division of the organization, Park Bem, at age 17, and at 22, was at that point executive of shopping centers.

Having completed many of these accomplishments and also much more, José AuriemoNeto and JHSF were and are continuing to be recognized for their good work. In 2012 alone, JHSF won the PINI award in the category “Planned daring”, won the ÉpocaNegócios 360 yearbook in the category “Best Company in Brazil” in the real estate sector and, their Vitra Building was voted one of the 10 best residential buildings in the world by Worth Magazine. Following that up, the company is elected by the PINI Award as the best developer in Brazil and, their Catarina Fashion Outlet wins “Featured in other formats” award at the Brazilian Forum of Shopping Centers, both in 2014. It’s clear that this Brazilian Leader & Innovator will continue to do great work for the foreseeable future.

How Does Nationwide Title Clearing Help All Those Needing Title Services?

Nationwide Title Clearing is a specialty business that aids all real estate professionals and home shoppers with their services. The customers who come to the company for help will need a title cleared that is tied to a new purchase they are planning to make, or they may have chosen to check on the state of their property because they are unaware of what they have under them. This article explains how someone may make choices that will ensure they have a clear title ready for their closing.


#1: Why Must Titles Be Cleared?


Titles must be cleared when the sale is pending as the title must have the proper names it. Titles that are not cleared may list the improper owner, or they may have an improper description of the property on them. Anything on the title that is not correct must be fixed at once, and it must be fixed before an attorney attempts to close. They cannot do anything with a title that has not been cleared, and it may confuse the situation more in the future.


#2: Title Clearing Research


Nationwide will send someone from their staff to the offices where the titles are held, and they will research the title in its paper form. The title will be altered if needed, and it will be recorded for the client as soon as information is received. There may be supporting documents that must be used to ensure the title is changed. Death certificates, closing documents and a number of other items that will make it easier to prove the title has been changed.


#3: Moving Quickly To Ensure The Title Is Ready


Titles may be readied at any time to ensure the closings may occur, and they will be much easier to use during the closing. Closing documents may be completed and cash distributed at the closing, and titles that are not cleared will slow up the process. Anyone who has not ordered before the closing may do so, and they may reschedule their closing as soon as possible.


There are quite a lot of people who need a title cleared, and there are many different things that may be done to keep the closing as short as possible. There are several different people who are looking for a simple title clearing service, and they may order the service online at any time before they buy.


Buying and Selling Real Estate

Many people today are looking to buy or sell a home. With the housing market so strong in many areas of the country, it is important to work with a company that has your back in the process. A lot of real estate companies are just looking to make money quickly off of their customers. However, Town Residential is a company that is focused on the long term. Based in the New York area, this real estate firm has done a great job of helping customers in recent years. Before buying or selling a property, the company will sit down with you to decide how to plan out your strategy in the market. This is one of the biggest reasons that the company is so successful with their clients.

Town Residential

From the time the company was started, Town Residential has always been focused on adding value to the customer. There are a lot of people who are interested in what the company has to say when it comes to real estate. If you are looking to buy a home, you need to be prepared to act quickly. In many parts of the country, real estate prices are appreciating quickly. It is a good time to sell your home, but it can be difficult to find one you want to buy. Town Residential knows how to act in your best interests to get the home of your dreams.

Cost of Owning a Home

One of the things that many people forget is the cost of owning a home. Buyers always factor in the mortgage and insurance on their home to figure out their budget for buying. However, there are a lot of other costs that go into that equation as well. Over the long term, this is one of the most important variables to consider in your decision. If you buy an older home that is in need of a lot of repairs, it is going to cost you a lot of money over time. Companies like Town Residential can help show you the math on home ownership. There are a lot of people who are surprised by the true cost of owning certain types of homes.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Town Residential is a great company to work with if you are in the real estate market. Over the years, their knowledge has helped thousands of people in this situation. There are a lot of people looking to buy or sell a home in the next year, and you need to be prepared for a competitive market in either situation. Buying a home can be a great experience, but you need to make sure you are thinking about the long term when doing so.

Analysis Done for Manhattan Real Estate

Town Residential has recently studied the housing marketing in New York city real estate. What they have found is that within the last fourth quarter, the real estate values in and around Manhattan have gone up by about 20 percent. This is an enormous spike in the values of properties, making it easier to make a profit off of a home and less easy to buy a home because of the large expense. Manhattan, in general, has always been known for its high prices and competitive housing market, but it has been seeing these types of spikes for years now.

The study was done by the Town Residential and featured on Virtual Strategy Marketing. The article outlines everything that was done within the study and what was found when the analysis was completed. This has made it easy to see why so many people are investing in Manhattan real estate when compared to other areas. Manhattan is also just a great place to live, with lots of conveniences and amenities for those who are living in the area and are proud to call it their home.

The analysis done by the Town Residential has shown a great spike in real estate values, allowing people to easily sell their home for a much larger amount than they paid for it. Even for those who just recently purchased their homes are finding that they are making more money off of them temporarily than they might have thought. The best option for you to make is to work with an agent if you are interested at all in finding properties within the city to buy. This is the best way to get a good deal on a piece of property that you know is going to be going up in value over the course of time.