Protecting Data from Ransomware

The world today is heavily dependent on computers, and it is advisable that we look after our systems in order to ensure that our data are protected and secured. In today’s vocabulary, a ransomware is a type of malicious software that is considered as a threat, because it has the ability to publish our information or block us from accessing the information unless we pay a ransom. That is why a lot of technological companies are offering a variety of counter software that could stop these ransomware from infecting our system. Ransomware can also become a threat to our business, because once our information has been given away, it can be used against us and we would feel less secured. Authorities today have the means to track down those who are using ransomware, but they should be given a significant amount of time, as these hackers also have the capability to do their own camouflage and most of the time, they stay away from the crime because of how good their skills with computers are. Ransomware is a threat for the future’s progress, and it can be seen as a hindrance to the potential of some aspects of technology. We must be vigilant to stop these hackers from committing any crime at all cost, and the best thing to do is to arm our computers with software like Rubica, which will increase our cyber security.

Visual Search Software Now Available With Slyce

Are you truly ready for an increase in sales? Are you trying to get the latest and greatest technology to help your business? Then you should consider image recognition. Many people understand that image recognition is historically used to identify faces for police departments. Now the technology is more available and can be used to help anyone from grocery shopping to making a wishlist.

With image recognition technology, consumers can clip coupons, scan a barcode, and more. It can benefit your business in many ways. Here are just a few ways:

• If you run a clothing store, your clients can upload images of clothing they like. Image recognition can match the item of clothing to what you have available in the store.
• If you have a business that frequently uses coupons, people can clip coupons and show them to your employees, or upload them to a website to get a discount; this will save paper
• Your company can use facial recognition as a way to save in, ensuring each employee is checking in on time.
• Your company can enable users to make a custom shopping list simply by taking pictures of what they want. No need to write anything down! This is perhaps the most beneficial tool for your company.

If you are interested in wondering more about how to use this useful technology, check out product recognition tool Slyce (, a business which will enable you to get this powerful tool for your business. Slyce provides image recognition related services. It is a fantastic way to help increase your business sales. Slyce is a great company to get image recognition software from. The company is able to offer image recognition for an affordable price. If you are considering getting image recognition software for your business, you need to get in contact with Slyce to see what they recommend.