The position of Securus Technologies in the US prisons

In the list of the many companies that provide network services to prisons in the US, Securus technology is one of the top-ranked due to its remarkable services it offers. The organization was founded back in 1986 with its major offices located in Allen, Texas, Carrollton, Georgia, and Atlanta.


The company is still on a verge to coming up with more offices as it tries to expand its services. In the current position, the technology company has played a great role in creating employment to over 1000 people with more than 2,600 correctional facilities in the US.


According to the directors of this firm, their main aim has been to keep inmates connected to their family members and friends. The establishment of this company was after they discovered unlimited subblockedions is the only way of keeping prisoners in touch with their people.


More to this, it is also only communication that can keep them informed of any information they need as well as offer them some independence. They also went ahead to explain their main focus is to facilitate effective communications among key corrections constituents and their number one choice for their communication being offering communication solutions in the corrections industry.


At Securus, the staff is always committed to offer swift solutions on communication matters. Being a premier provider of innovative communications solution in the correction industries, they have ever been ready and present to install and manage communication systems for use by the correctional facilities.


This being their major role, they have always been looking for better ways to offer unlimited and convenient payment services and products to their providers particularly the inmates. They value and know the convenience of funding inmate telephone calls a step that has encouraged them to introduce a variety of payment options with the aim of making it easy for the prisoners to choose their perfect fit.

Top Customer Service Nomination Goes To Leading Inmate Provider

Customer service is a top priority at Securus Technologies and ensures that their customers are communicating over a stable network. Experience far less dropped calls in comparison to their competitors. They are well known for surveillance and monitoring, but recently became a part of the inmate communications network by providing services and features. They are one of the largest growing inmate communications providers as reported by PRN News. Their high level of customer service has allowed them to receive the prestigious Stevie Award. This is the highest award in the available in the industry that was awarded to them by a panel of over seventy-five judges.


Why Thousands Are Choosing Securus Technologies?


You can get thousands of inmate calling features that will allow you to stay connected to your love ones in a correctional facility. They guarantee that their customers will save time and money. Securus has partnered with some of the top inmate providers in the industry including JPay Services and Vimeo. Vimeo has allowed Securus to bring their customers a high definition remote visitation that will allow them to visit their loved ones over the internet. You can visit over the holidays for occasions including Christmas and never have to commute to a correctional facility.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Photos


You can leave an inmate a photo for them to retrieve online at any time. They offer inmates the option of receiving photos through an account that has to be approved by the correctional facility.


Advanced Pay


Customers eighteen of age or older are permitted to use a valid credit or debit card to pay for features in advance. Get calling credits towards inmate calls in advance over the phone or on the internet.


You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies website for more details and information on promotional offers on inmate services.


Securus Technologies Advances Prison Communication

Many people communicate today in ways that were not feasible a few years ago. The availability of emails instead of writing is a great technology leap. Moreover, people can easily communicate with smartphones instead of the traditional landlines. The availability of a video call feature has created a great flexibility with calls.


One company that has revolutionized communication is Securus technologies. The company is technology firm that provides technology-aimed communication systems. Securus has made use of the video call feature to create a video visitation program. Family and friends take advantage of the technology to communicate with inmates.


I think that the video visitation program by Securus Technologies will bring excitement and joy to many inmates. The opportunity is set to see friends and family communicate during the holiday season. The video visitation program is configured to create a unique, memorable moment that inmates are likely to cherish for long.


Securus Technologies is a highly technology advanced company. The company produces technology related services and products for organizations. Apart from correction facilities, Securus Technologies avails its services for agencies in the public sector.


The prison video visitation service is critical in the Christmas festive season. This is a time where family comes together to share a happy moment. A family with a member in correction facility will feel not feel complete. However, the Securus video call makes communication possible through video chats. Children can talk to their parents in correction facilities. Wives, on the other hand, can join husbands in prison facilities. People can have a happy moment and make memories. Lastly, fathers have had the chance to watch their children open gifts. They have gone ahead to wish each other a Merry Christmas through the video.


Securus Technologies has highlighted a few videos by the video visitation program. A simple YouTube search of Securus family communication during Christmas would reveal the Securus video technology at work. The video showcased an incarcerated father talking to his son during the holiday season. He checks on his son and then watches him open his Christmas gift. With the help of the video facility, the father is present for his son. He watches his son open gifts, and the two share a special moment. All these are made possible with Securus video Visitation Technology. The family bond has been preserved during the Christmas holidays. Securus has created a gift of communication to give a beautiful and wonderful moment for families.

Discover A Company That Allows Quality Inmate Calls

If you’re frustrated with trying to stay connected to your loved ones in a correctional facility because of dropped calls and expensive operator fees. Securus Technologies provides a one stop shop for many cost effective inmate calling features. Suprisingly, they contribute to over 54.7 billion calls annually being successfully processed for inmates and their families. Each call is mandated for government monitoring to ensure the safety of the public. The Public Utility Commission works closely with Securus Technologies to regulate other inmate calling companies during a fourth quarter audit. For example, Global Tel-Link was regulated by Securus and had an above review.

Services Offered By Securus

Video Chat

Securus has teamed up with Vimeo to offer their customers a dynamic video chat feature that saves their customers time and money. It’s provides a great calling feature over the internet that allows loved ones to talk face-to-face.

Advanced Pay Services

Advanced Pay services are available to their customers from the official Securus website. This feature allows customers to register for an account and purchase prepaid inmate calling credits. This feature eliminates the need for operator assistance to place your call.


Securus Technologies offers several inmate calling features to their customers. They have been proudly serving inmates and their families for over 30 years. They’re committed to the highest standard of customer service satisfaction. Securus Technologies has technologically advanced features that will allow users to visit their loved ones over the internet or pay for features over the phone without ever having to leave home. Customera are guaranteed every minute under their contract. In fact, Securus is well known for their quality calls available to inmates and their families nationwide. Louisiana callers get free calls from a correctional facility for a limited time as a promotional offer. You’re invited to visit the Securus Technologies website for more details.


Securus Video Visitation – Homework from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.