How You Can Travel as a Wine Guide with Traveling Vineyard

Are you one of those people who are really interested in the process behind the production of wine? Or maybe you really like traveling to different and exotic places. For any of those two options, Travelling Vineyard has a different take that allows you to travel as a traveling vineyard wine guide.

Being a wine guide means that you can show your culture and knowledge of the wine industry while also having fun and having different experiences with other guides as well.

Travelling Vineyard has a simple catch to it: The group connects people who are interested in wines, either because they enjoy the culture behind it or because they want to enter the industry and start producing their own beverages; and they pair these individuals with wine guides, which will help them fulfill their desires.

Travelling Vineyard tries to arrange these meetings in more than just simple conversations: They promote wine tasting parties as well as traveling destinations that you can go to, either as a wine enthusiast or a guide.

Wine Guides are hired to host in-home wine tastings. They will help their clients arrange everything in the meeting, and then will be an essential part of the wine tasting as well.

Every Wine Guide is trained by the team behind Travelling Vineyard, which means that just having some prior basic knowledge is enough to possibly be a part of the team and travel from a destination to another and learn more about the process of making wines.

One of the favorite destinations of the team is Napa Valley. At Napa Valley, wine enthusiasts can learn more about the drink in this land while also getting in touch with nature.

Napa Valley is regarded as the are with some of the best and most expensive grapes in the world, and some of the most famous wines order their ingredients directly from Napa Valley. The place is surrounded with people who produce wine at their own houses, so it is a great place to go to learn more about the production steps and the best practices and tips when trying to enter the industry.

Napa Valley also has a big historical culture behind its seemingly simple community: At the Napa Valley Historical Society, you can learn more about the history of the town and those who previously lived in Napa Valley, while those who have a more artistic desire can visit the Napa Art Walk exhibition. Want to take a cooking class? There is a great opportunity at Napa Valley, in the Silverado Cooking School. Want to relax at a Spa? The Auberge Spa is nationally acknowledged as a great option for those who want to sit back and relax after a big walk through the lands that produce some of the best grapes in the world.

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Turn Your Love For Wine Into Extra Cash With The Traveling Vineyard

The Traveling Vineyard business model continues to be successful for many wine guides throughout the nation, and we recently read about the fun activities a group of them tried while on a trip to the Napa Valley region. Their suggestions were perfect for a fun-filled day away from the vineyards. Even the most dedicated wine enthusiast has limits to the number of wine estates they can visit in one weekend! If you are looking to spend a little time away from the tasting rooms, check out the fun suggestions from the Traveling Vineyard wine guides. They range from a day at the spa to a trip to the historical society.

For those not familiar, the Traveling Vineyard is a wine club that offers direct sales at their private tastings. The wine guides are partnered up with hosts who in turn invite their friends and family to the events as guests. The wine guide and the host work together to plan the perfect evening of enjoyment! The tastings feature a select group of wines that are often paired with some great food. The atmosphere is relaxed and casual, and the level of fun is high! The Traveling Vineyard company is one that believes in having a great time while learning about wine.

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Wine guides do not need to be experts in the field of wine and winemaking. What they do need is an interest in wine and a desire to learn more about it and share that knowledge with others. The wine guides have the opportunity to earn some money while doing something that they enjoy! Some wine guides enjoy it so much and reach a steady level of success, that they pursue a full-time career with Traveling Vineyard. Either way, becoming a wine guide is a fun way to learn more about wine while sharing your experience with others in a relaxed and informative setting. If you love wine and also love spending time with friends and family, a wine guide position may be a good fit for you. The information is fun to learn and share with others too.

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Traveling Vineyard – Earn While Having Fun

Traveling Vineyard is a company that allows the wine lovers to have a free wine tasting and that too in the comfort of their homes. It can be found online at They have about 21 different varieties of wine grouped into – red, white and sweet and frizzy wines and a guest satisfaction rate of 98%.

Now, how does The Traveling Vineyard’s business model work? – As already told, the company allows you to hold a free wine tasting party at your home with friends and family. For that you have to contact a local wine guide and choose 5 wine you might be most interested in for your party. The guide there will help you choose the best snacks to go with the wines chosen. Then, after the wine tasting the hosts of the party will benefit depending upon the number of bottles the guests choose to buy. To begin with however you are required to pay somewhere around $174 to become a wine guide which will cover your cost of success kit and first two tasting sets that the company provides.

The benefits for the wine guide include – 35% of the price of the wine, accessories like chillers decanters and openers and wine club memberships purchased. Plus, $100 for each wine tasting party held. The price of the wine is usually less than $20, however, specific information can still be obtained from the guide you deal with. When you each $750 in your sales in your first 60 days, you earn an electric wine opener. For every friend being signed up by you in the first 60 days both of you will get a bonus of $100 when your friend reaches the $750 mark in sales.

The reasons one would benefit from the company are that people enjoy wine as shown by an increase sales of wines and increasing wineries across US. And there can be no more fun a way to earn money. Popularity and success of the company are well evident from its social media presence.

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