OSI Group Continues to Thrive as a Global Food Processor

OSI Group has demonstrated a pattern of growth and innovation over the years to such a degree that they landed on the Forbes magazine list of America’s largest private companies. They are an elite global food processor with a tremendous depth of resources. They have embarked on a course of steady expansion under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin who became their CEO in the seventies. They are still in acquisition mode when it makes sense and furthers their production capabilities.

One recent purchase for them was the former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago which added 200,000 square feet to their production capacity. It also has the added advantage of being in close proximity to their other locations within the city. Furthermore, their top managers are excited about this facility adding to their growth.

OSI Group has an entrepreneurial bent that powers their customer relations and the Chicago purchase makes it easier for them to quickly adapt to their needs. Senior Executive Vice-President Kevin Scott indicated this in regards to the purchase and is also pleased that OSI’s manufacturing network will be stronger in light of the acquisition.

Baho Food is a Dutch manufacturer of food products like deli meats and other convenience foods. They were acquired by OSI Group in 2016 and have proven to be a good fit for their operations. Their core business nicely complemented OSI’s own resources in Europe and has given them a stronger presence in this key market.

The focus on innovation and entrepreneurialism have been key factors in the success of the company. Even though they are a very large organization, the ability to move quickly for their customers helps them both succeed. Creativity and a can-do spirit are hallmarks of the company as they strive to go above and beyond for their clients.

Sheldon Lavin has been an instrumental figure during the rise of OSI Group as they started with one plant in the Midwest. They now span the world and are found in 17 countries operating 65 cutting-edge facilities. His vision was always a global one and the company’s growth has been steady and fueled by the aforementioned entrepreneurial mindset.

David McDonald is another key figure for the company and he is their President and has served with them for approximately 30 years. He recently related that the desire for continued growth and improvement have been crucial to their success. He’s proud of their business culture and looks for continued success in these cornerstones.

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