Matt Badiali – The Energy Investment Guru for the Average Investor

Matt Badiali has a Bachelors of Science from Penn State University in Earth Sciences. He also has a Masters degree from Florida Atlantic University in the field of Geology. While he was working towards acquiring his Doctorate, a friend of his with a Ph.D. in Finance introduced him to the business world. The two went on to become partners creating innovative ways in which the average investor could get ahead in the tough world of investing. In the years since he started his financial journey, Matt Badiali has been to the ends of the earth in pursuit of hands-on knowledge. This, he insists is what gives him an edge and allows him to perfectly tailor his lessons to his audience.

His vast knowledge has led him to such nations as Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Iraq, and even Singapore in Eastern Asia. Due to his humble background, he draws his motivation from knowing that his working efforts go towards helping the common man. Watching his father struggle with investing, Matt Badiali felt compelled to tailor his lessons towards the lower class. One way in which he does this is by offering a free E-letter (once a week) with advice on investing in Natural Resources, Metals and Energy. His daily routine consists of seeing his children off to school at 6:30 am. He then makes his way to his office (preferably) by 8:00 am. This marks the start of Matt Badiali’s writing which he settles into for 3 to 4 hours.

After a well-deserved break, he reads and responds to emails while checking for the latest news. The afternoons are for calls, reading, and meetings. Throughout his extensive career, there is one habit that Matt attributes his success to which is being able to focus entirely on one activity. This ability (which sounds simple) has allowed him to meet all his deadlines despite having a very busy traveling schedule. He says that it has allowed him to maintain consistency no matter where he is in the world. Just like any true expert investment Guru would, Matt admits to having made investment blunders. Since no one can be right all the time, he cautions his audience not to stick with a bad investment decision when it’s clear that there are wiser alternatives.